Cameron University to offer Freedom from Smoking program

Cameron University and the Southwest Area Health Education Center (SwAHEC) will offer the American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking program starting Tuesday, August 30. The seven-week program will run through October 11 and is open to Cameron students, faculty and staff. Cameron University will be a tobacco-free campus as of August 1.  Freedom from Smoking will meet on Tuesdays in the Centennial Room of the Shepler Center.  The program is offered at no charge and is limited to 12 participants.

Dr. Joe Langley, Director of SwAHEC, will lead the program.

“As the university is becoming a tobacco free campus, this is an opportunity for those who smoke to quit now,” Langley says.  “The university is offering this program, free of charge, to make the transition a smooth one for students and personnel.”

Each session lasts approximately two hours.  The first three weeks of the program focuses on getting ready to quit smoking.  The actual “quit day” is the fourth week, with an additional follow-up session 48 hours later.

“In previous sessions, participants have reported that the several weeks of preparation prior to quitting have been quite helpful,” Langley says.  “Many who have been unable to quit ‘cold-turkey’ have been successful through this process of preparation.”

Participants are also encouraged to call the Oklahoma state hotline, 1-800-QUIT NOW, to receive help from smoking cessation counselors and nicotine replacement aids free of charge.

To register for Freedom from Smoking, contact SwAHEC at 581-2284 or Participants can also register on the Cameron campus in the SwAHEC office, South Shepler 415.

Community groups interested in the Freedom from Smoking program can contact SwAHEC for more information.