CU professor named adjudicator at community theatre festivals

Scott Richard KleinScott Richard Klein, Chair and Professor of Theatre at Cameron University, has been selected as an adjudicator at two state festivals for the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT). From January 15-18, he will be in Las Cruces, New Mexico for Theatre New Mexico's AACTFest 2009; from March 18-22; he will be in Fort Worth for Texas AACTFest '09. Klein will also present workshops on directing at each festival.

Klein, who joined the Cameron faculty in 1989, has been serving as an AACT adjudicator since 1995. He has directed more than 100 productions and has acted in more than 80, most recently in the Lawton Community Theatre production of "Suessical The Musical!" The Minnesota native is a member of the board of directors for the Lawton Community Theatre as well as the Southwest Theatre and Film Association and maintains memberships with the Oklahoma Community Theatre Association, the Texas Non-Profit Theatres Association, and the Oklahoma Speech Theatre Communications Association.

Adjudicators at AACT festivals must have a wide range of theatrical experience and training, must adhere to strict guidelines and must read each play to be presented in advance of the production. Plays are to be adjudicated based on the overall performance with acting and directing as the major elements. All types of productions (comedy, drama, original works, musicals, revues, avant-garde, "controversial," etc.) are acceptable entries to the festival and must be considered on a similar basis, with the best production being the one most fully realizing all production values and criteria. Technical competence is also given consideration as to its effectiveness as an integral part of the total production experience.

AACT is the national voice of community theatre, representing the interests of more than 7,000 theatres across the United States and its territories, as well as theatre companies with the armed forces overseas. The association is the steward of the national adjudicated festival for community theatres, held every two years. This festival, in which representatives from AACT's 10 regions perform before a panel of adjudicators, results in awards of excellence and invitations for participants to perform at theatre festivals in other parts of the world. The top productions from the New Mexico and Texas state festivals will be presented at the Region VI festival in April.


January 12, 2009