CU math professor publishes textbook

Cameron University Mathematical Sciences Professor Ioannis K. Argyros, Ph.D., has authored a new textbook entitled "Convergence and Applications of Newton-Type Iterations", which was recently published by Springer-Verlag Publishing Company. The 506-page volume contains new research conducted by Dr. Argyros related to numerical methods for solving equations. It is designed to assist researchers, practitioners and students to efficiently utilize Numerical Methods for approximating solutions of equations resulting from the study of real life problems arising in engineering, mathematical programming, optimization, mathematical physics and mathematical economics.

Argyros has published another 16 books and more than 600 peer-reviewed articles on the topic of computational mathematics. Currently on the editorial board of 21 mathematical journals and reviewer for the Mathematical Reviews of the American Mathematical Society and other mathematical journals, he is the recipient of the Distinguished Research Award from the Southwest Advanced Technology Association.

For this volume, Argyros was assisted by CU alumni Irene Corriette and Sabina Sadou, who participated in this project as part of their course work. Corriette and Sadou, who each earned a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences in Fall 2006, produced numerical results in some of the exercises found in the introductory chapters. Some of their work was presented at Oklahoma Research Day in April 2006. Corriette received her Master's Degree from Texas Tech University and is currently working as an Instructor at that institution. Sadou is currently a graduate student studying mathematics and finance at the University of Southern Florida.


February 6, 2009