Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Wireless Locations (Hotspots)

Academic Commons (entire building)

Administration Building (entire building)

Administration Building Roof (areas around Admin building)

Aggie Rec Center (Fitness Center)

Art (most of the building)

Burch Hall (1st and 2nd floors)

Cameron Exchange (center room)

Cameron Village (common areas and some hallways)

CETES (most of the building)

CETES Conference Center (conference rooms and hallways)

Communications (entire building)

Conwill Hall (first and second floors - hallways)

Duncan Campus (entire building)

Gymnasium – (main gym and entrance)

Haggar Hall (classroom)

Howell Hall (entire building)

Library (entire building)

McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) (entire building)

McMahon Center (entire building)

Music (entire building)

Nance-Boyer Hall Middle (all floors) (middle corridors)

Nance-Boyer Hall North (main entrance and 1st floor)

Nance-Boyer Hall South

North and South Shepler Dorm Floors (Common Areas / Lounges)

North Shepler 1st floor (Advisement Center)

Physical Facilities / Engineers / Transportation

Ross Hall (entire building)

Sciences Complex (entire building)

South Shepler 1st Floor (Events Management / Public Safety)

South Shepler 4th Floor (entire floor)

Shepler Ballroom (most of Shepler Center)