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Instructions for Using the Cameron Wireless Network

Before connecting a wireless device to the campus network, please be sure to have up-to-date virus / malware protection installed if the device allows for that and make sure that all critical updates and patches have been installed.  Control Panel -> Windows Update. 

Most portable devices have networking capabilities.  Make sure that the wireless network is turned on in the device.  If the device is also connected to the network with a cable, disconnect the cable. 

Make sure that wireless or wi-fi is enabled and that CU Wireless Network is the SSID / network name selected or joined. 

Once the network is joined, open a web browser and try connecting to a website.  A Bluesocket login page should appear.  

Follow the instructions on the web page displayed and logon to the wireless network.

Please review the Computer Use Policy and the Wireless Network Policy.

When you logon, you will be assigned a Faculty/Staff, Student, or Guest role. Each role provides different access to the network. Faculty/Staff and Student roles tend to offer more access and higher bandwidth than Guest.  Guests only receive the ability to view web pages with some limited VPN capabilities.