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The WebGUI website has lots of information about working with its web content management system. They now have their user guides available as wikis, including the WebGUI Content Manager's Guide which covers basics of editing and creating. Tutorials created by Cameron University are listed below.

Add Videos, Folders or Files Add Videos, Folders or Files
Create New Pages Create New Pages
Creating a Web Data Form Creating a Web Data Form
Data Forms Data Forms
Drop-down Left Menu Drop-down Left Menu
Getting Started Getting Started
How to Create a Table How to Create a Table
Linking to Documents or Files Linking to Documents or Files
Using and Adding Images Using and Adding Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i login?
Login to WebGUI by clicking "Visitor" at the bottom of the webpage.  Use your Windows credentials.

How do I format the menu on the left?
The menu should just be an unordered (bulleted) list when editing the article.  Don't try to add spaces or lines.  All of this is done automatically when the article is put in the menu section of the page.

Will be page view differently on my mobile phone?
Yes.  The site is set up in responsive website design, which means it will detect the size of the screen and shrink to fit.  So if you are looking on your desktop, you will see the main version of the site; if you are looking at your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc., you will see a mobile version.

Does this mean I need to make changes for both a desktop version as well as a mobile version?
No.  You only need to make edits once and the edits will apply automatically to the site viewed on any platform.

How do I make my email links clickable?
While in edit mode, highlight the email address then click on the chain icon (Insert/Edit link).  In the Link URL type in:  mailto: followed by the persons email address, no spaces.  Example:  mailto:webmaster@cameron.edu

Are there any stock photos I can use?
Public Affairs will provide a group of photos that can be used with pages if you don't have any you want to use.  These will be in a package that can be added to your page and will automatically rotate.  Public Affairs will change these pictures periodically so that you do not have to maintain them.  Click on "New Content" in the grey admin bar > scroll down to packages > click the package that meets your needs.

Can I get help in getting my pages to look right?
Yes.  There are lab sessions scheduled for each semester.  Someone will be on site to be able to help you with any issues you might be having, answer questions, and show you how to move things around or delete content.  In addition, you may email the Web Manager, webmaster@cameron.edu with any questions you may have and we'll be glad to help you.  

Guidelines for Picture Sizes


Helpful Links

  • Always create pdf's of your forms and documents instead of posting Word or PowerPoint documents. Not all people have Word or may have a different version and cannot read the documents when posted in this version. Adobe Reader is free and allows anyone to be able to download and view pdf documents. If you are wanting to create more complicated pdf's that have bookmarks, links and make use of forms, you will need to contact the helpdesk about installing Adobe Acrobat Professional.
  • www.webgui.org - Official site for WebGUI. It has forums and a wiki to help you with your questions. You can also download a pdf of the WebGUI primer at https://www.plainblack.com/services/training/webgui-primer

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