How Archiving Email can be helpful

When you are using your Outlook Email at Cameron, your messages are actually stored on our mail server. Each user has a certain amount of space allocated for their mailbox, and sometimes, the mail we wish to keep can exceed that allocation.

Archiving your email enables you to move older email messages from the server and relocates them to your local computer. By following this as a regular practice, you always ensure that your mailbox stays within the allocated space allowed.

How to Archive Outlook Email

First, we need to set up how you want Outlook to archive your email.

1. Click Options from the Tools menu, select the "Other" tab, and click AutoArchive.

2. Check "Run AutoArchive every x days", and set the number to 1. By making Outlook archive daily, you will barely notice it running the archive process as it makes it quick and easy.

3. Uncheck Prompt before AutoArchive runs

4. Under the section labeled "During Auto Archive" check ALL the boxes and set the section labeled "Clean out items older than" to 6 MONTHS. This sets your archiving at approximately a semester’s time period. You can make this time setting smaller or larger, if desired.

5. Your settings should look like this:

This is how your archive settings should look

6. Click OK, then OK again.


Once you've set up AutoArchive, we need to manually run archiving just the once to get the ball rolling.

1. Click Archive from the File menu.

2. Click on the option labeled Archive all folders according to their AutoArchive settings.

3. Your settings should look like this:

This is how your archive settings should look

4. Click OK.

5. Archiving will automatically begin. You can see it’s progress at the bottom of the Outlook window.


After this, Microsoft Outlook will automatically archive your older email on a daily basis.