Assessment activities

Oversight of assessment activities is shared by the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability (IRAA), Cameron University administration, faculty and staff, and two standing university committees - The Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC) and The General Education Committee (GEC) - as well as the Developmental Education Assessment Committee (DEAC).

Assessment activities are conducted by all academic programs, including the library, Army - ROTC, and the general education program. Recognizing that student learning occurs outside of the classroom and academic programs, the university began expanding the assessment process to non-academic units in AY 2008-2009.

Each unit participating in the assessment process completes the following tasks within their approved assessment calendar. There are four assessment calendars: Student Services (June through September); Other non-academic entities (September through November); Academic Programs (October through January); and General Education (October through March). Although the dates vary by assessment calendar, the process is the same for each calendar.

  • All information (Outcomes, Curriculum Mapping, Measures, Benchmarks and Achievement Targets, Findings, Analysis of Findings, Action Items & Action Plans, and Analysis Questions) is entered and designated as final;
  • Two IAC members assigned as peer-reviewers for the program/unit and the appropriate supervisor review entries, give feedback, and make recommendations as to which programs/units would benefit from a roundtable discussion;
  • The appropriate member of Executive Council decides which programs/units will participate in a roundtable discussion and a roundtable schedule is created by the IRAA office;
  • Roundtable discussions are held with program/unit faculty/staff, the two IAC peer-reviewers, the appropriate supervisor, and the IRAA director;
  • All programs/units make corrections or changes by appropriate deadline;
  • Outcomes are updated on the appropriate webpage and assessment reports are archived.