Internships & Job Shadowing

Interested in Job Shadowing? Don't forget to register for our Job Shadow Meet, Greet, and Network Event on February 7th, 2020!

Why should I intern or job shadow?

Internships and job shadowing experiences give students the opportunity to learn more about their fields of study, develop marketable skills, expand their networks, build self-confidence, and increase their chances of being hired upon graduation.

How do I get an internship?

For internships, the process is similar to finding a job. You will need to get your resume and cover letter ready to go! You should do some research to find companies or organizations within your field of study that offer internships. A good place to start looking is on College Central Network, Cameron’s online job posting board. Also, & post internships daily.

How do I job shadow?

For Job Shadowing experiences register for our Job Shadow Meet & Greet Panel in the spring. In addition, individualized assistance is available by contacting the Office of Career Services.

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