Grant Writing

Pre Award

Initial Grant Considerations

To increase the likelihood of submitting a successful grant, the following issues should be considered by the individual or group wishing to pursue a grant or agreement.

  • Read the RFP to ensure the grant is an appropriate fit for the project.
  • Does the proposal serve the University's mission?
  • Is it in the best interest of the University, school, and department to pursue the proposal?
  • Does the University possess the necessary resources (staff, faculty, facilities) that will allow it to effectively carry out the grant or agreement?
  • What obligations will the University have throughout the life of the grant?
  • Is it necessary to seek Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for the project?

Approval and Submission of Grant Proposals

Proposals are routed and approved within the University using three forms - the Intent to Submit External Grant Form; the External Grant Submission for Review and the Approval to Submit External Grant form. Please review the External Grant Forms page here for more information. 

All completed grant proposals must be submitted to the Institutional Grant Writer at least two weeks before the due date, via the External Grant Submission for Review form.

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