Dear Resident,

Welcome to Student Housing 2020-2021 at Cameron University! I hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy all that living on campus has to offer. Living on campus provides an environment uniquely able to cater to your needs as a student. I look forward to seeing what you will add to our community.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this Student Housing Handbook. It outlines your rights and responsibilities, Code of Student Conduct, Student Housing policies and procedures, as well as important phone numbers. It is each student’s responsibility to know and understand the Student Housing policies and procedures and the Code of Conduct. This information is provided to help ensure a safe and supportive campus for all to pursue their educational goals.

Housing staff members are here to assist you as you develop professionally, intellectually, personally, and socially. Your resident assistant (RA) and the department will provide programming to help meet our residents’ needs. I encourage you to participate and be active on your floor and in your buildings. During your time here at Cameron you will develop relationships that will last a lifetime. As a resident you are already a member of our Residence Hall Association (RHA), which also provides events and programs, along with giving the residents a voice to help better the on-campus experience.

It is our hope that this year will be positive and rewarding for you all. The dedicated staff of Student Housing is here for you.


Director of Student Housing

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