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Tornado Procedures

If severe weather is predicted for campus, University officials will be monitoring the weather and updates. When a tornado or other severe weather is reported, residents must follow the procedures of each building and move in an orderly manner to the designated location within the building for shelter. If a tornado warning is declared, immediately move to the designated area of safety. If there is no time, get under your desk and place your mattress over your desk. Always protect your head and neck. Keep away from windows. Keep the following items in mind in the event of a tornado:

  1. Close the room’s door.
  2. Proceed to a designated area in the building.
  3. Take a blanket or pillow.

At the beginning of each semester, Student Housing and Residence Life staff will hold mandatory meetings to review the severe weather procedures specific to the resident’s living area. Attendance at these meetings is required of all residents.

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