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Meal Plan

All residents are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plan options are designed to fit students’ needs and living facility. Current meal plan options can be reviewed at Meal plans provide access to the Shepler cafeteria and the McMahon Centennial Complex food court. The Shepler cafeteria serves a total of 18 meals per week – breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday in addition to brunch and dinner Friday through Sunday. Residents are notified via e-mail to any changes to meal plan offerings. The McMahon Centennial Complex is a retail food court with a variety of dining options. Unused cafeteria meals each week do not roll forward. Meal plans can only be changed during the first two weeks of each semester by visiting the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life. Flex cash can be used at the Shepler cafeteria and the McMahon Centennial Complex food court and is tax-free. All unused flex cash during a fall semester will roll over to the spring semester on the 10th day of class as long as the student has an active meal plan for the spring semester at that date. Should a student not have a meal plan for the spring semester, any unused flex cash from the fall semester will be forfeited. Any unused flex cash at the end of the spring semester will be forfeited. Flex cash does not roll or carry forward to a new academic year. The Shepler cafeteria and the McMahon Centennial Complex food court are closed during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Intersession and Spring Break. Meal plans are not offered outside of the fall and spring terms.

Residents access meals in the Shepler cafeteria by swiping their CU ID at the cafeteria entrance. The cafeteria operates on an “all you care to eat” basis. Food cannot be removed from the cafeteria, with the exception of an ice cream cone. However, the Cafeteria does provide some "to-go" meal options for students who may have class or work conflicts. Food Services may limit what options are available for "to-go" meals from the Shepler cafeteria and may deny a student the option of a "to-go" meal if a student abuses the privilege. Sick trays are also available for students with a meal plan. If you are feeling under the weather and would like to order a sick tray, please call x2388 and please ask for the supervisor on duty. Please send your CU ID with a friend or Student Housing and Residence Life staff to pick up your sick tray meal. If you have specific food restrictions/allergies please let Food Services staff know.

Please check out for more details on meal plan options.  

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