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Room keys will be issued to each resident at check-in. Report lost or broken keys to a Office of Student Housing and Residence Life staff member as soon as possible. Residents will be charged $50 for a lost room key and $30 for a lost Mail key. The room and mail key charge will cover the cost of keys and the replacement cost for the lock core. Residents failing to return their keys at the time of check out or during vacation periods will be charged the replacement fee.

Any assigned keys should be kept in the resident’s possession at all times; do not lend keys to anyone. Giving your key to others may result in disciplinary action.

Residents are encouraged to lock their doors at all times and carry their room keys. Residents who are locked out of their room/apartment should go to the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life. When the office is closed (5pm-8am), residents should call the Resident Assistant on duty. A $10 lockout fee will be charged to the student’s account. Students are reminded that responding to a lockout call is not an emergency and the staff will respond as soon as possible.

Excessive lockouts may result in further disciplinary action or fines. Duplicating university keys is prohibited. Possession of university keys other than those assigned is not permitted.

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