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Group Billing

Financial charges related to the cleaning of, damage to or theft of University property are billed to the specific individual(s) responsible whenever such individuals can be identified. However, when damage or theft cannot be assigned to a specific individual(s), the charges may be divided equally among the residents of a living area.

Residents will be given every opportunity to identify individual(s) responsible for the damage before a group billing is finalized. Damage charges will be issued in an official university communication method along with those individuals that are charged through the group billing process. After notification, Student Housing and Residence Life will have the damage charges placed on each individuals account. 

Your active involvement in reducing damages within your community is encouraged. You can assist by following these guidelines:

  • Report any damages to your RA immediately.
  • Treat University property with as much respect as you would your personal property.
  • Discourage others from behaving irresponsibly.

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