Fire Procedures

In the event of an actual fire or a drill, all residents are required to immediately evacuate the building. Follow the instructions of Student Housing staff, Public Safety Officers, and/or fire-fighting personnel. Keep the following items in mind in the event of a fire:

  1. Exit the building. Walk, don’t run. Be particularly careful in staircases. Do not use elevators.
  2. Proceed directly to a place of safety outside the building. Do not attempt to salvage personal belongings.
  3. Close doors when you leave.
  4. Before opening a closed door, check it to see if it is hot. When it is hot, attempt to find another exit route.
  5. At all times, follow the instructions of personnel authorized to take charge at the scene of the emergency.
  6. Do not re-enter the building until given the all clear by staff or fire professionals.

At the beginning of each semester, Student Housing staff will hold mandatory meetings in each living area. Attendance at these meetings is required of all residents, and Housing staff will review detailed fire safety procedures specific for the resident’s living area.

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