Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Fannie Elise Smith Charitable Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Established in August 2009 for the benefit students who are at least a sophomore.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Recipient must be a sophomore or higher in classification and have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 or better to receive the scholarship for the first semester of award.
  2. Once awarded a recipient may retain the scholarship until degree completion if he/she remains a full-time student; meets the 2.75 GPA criterion for retention; remains committed to a goal of degree completion or a maximum of 8 semesters.
  3. If a student becomes ineligible, the scholarship will be awarded to another student in the same year classification.
  4. Every three years a new group of sophomores will be picked and the scholarship will follow them through to graduation.
  5. The first group will be from the sophomore class of 2010. The scholarship will be administered by the Office of Financial Assistance.