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SAP - Maximum Time Limit

Progress to Degree Within the Maximum Time Limit

Students receiving federal financial aid must complete their degree or certificate program at Cameron University within a total number of attempted credit hours that is no longer than 150 percent of the published length of the program. (This is the maximum provided by federal financial aid regulations.) This total includes all attempted credit coursework at Cameron and all transfer work from other schools, regardless of any change in program, and whether or not the student received federal financial aid during part or all of his/her coursework.

For example, students enrolled in a 128 credit hour undergraduate degree program are granted financial aid consideration through 192 credit hours of attempted study. Students enrolled in a 33 credit hour Masters Degree program are granted financial aid consideration through 50 credit hours of attempted study. This time may be reduced for students working on their 2nd Bachelors or 2nd Masters Degree.

Students who reach these maximums without completing the degree program will have an excessive hours status and will be denied further financial aid consideration, until the degree requirements have been satisfied. Students denied federal aid due to excessive hours may submit a Financial Assistance Appeal Form with the required documentation explaining the circumstances for the excessive hours.