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SAP - Hours Earned

Completion Rate – Hours Attempted Compared to Hours Earned

Federal aid recipients are considered to be making SAP if they have completed at least 67% of all hours attempted for the entire academic history, including transfer hours. Courses a student repeats or obtains forgiveness for must still be counted in the percentage of courses attempted versus completed even though not all grades will count towards the GPA. (This is a federal regulation.)

Grades of A, B, C, D, S, and P will count as completed courses in the percentage and grades of F, AW, U, NP, NR, I, W, and X will count as uncompleted courses and will count against the percentage of completion.  Audit classes are not eligible for financial assistance and are not counted as hours attempted.

Students denied federal aid because their percentage of courses completed drops below 67% may submit a with the required documentation explaining the circumstances for not meeting the minimum percentage of completed courses