Festival X American Identities in the 21st Century

General (Retired) Jack Keane

Jack Keane

Retired general Jack Keane, former vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, will continue Festival X on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. His presentation will impart a thorough and authoritative assessment of the national and global security landscapes and outline the keys to effective leadership in dynamic and unpredictable settings.  A four-star general and the former chief operations officer for the U.S. Army, a frequent Fox News contributor and a close advisor to the Trump administration, General Keane is distinguished for his acute understanding of the constant and evolving threats facing our country and strategies for defending against them.

Long recognized as a steadfast and effective leader, during his four years as the vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, Keane managed a global organization of more than one million soldiers, 250,000 civilian employees and a $118 billion budget. He was also responsible for maintaining positive relationships between the Army and Congress, the media, the American people, and policymakers.

On stage, Keane opens eyes with a no-holds-barred examination of the state of the country, the world and what it will take to protect America and secure it for future generations. As he candidly discusses the challenges and successes he faced at the helm of an institution where leadership is taught, practiced, and studied as a core value, General Keane leaves audiences with a refined awareness of today’s unpredictable world and a deep understanding of what it takes to lead in the face of uncertainty.

Keane will speak at 7:30 p.m. in the University Theatre on the Cameron campus.