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Minor in Educational Studies

This minor is designed for students from majors that do not have a teacher education program and will provide students with information about K-12 students and how they learn. Students who complete this minor are not guaranteed a teaching license in Oklahoma, but the State Department of Education may accept some or all of the courses as one step in the path to alternative certification.

If a student is interested in coursework that will support alternative certification but is too far in their major to complete the minor, they should consider graduate work in Cameron’s M.Ed. in Education with a concentration in Teaching & Learning.

Required Courses

CourseSemester OfferedAdditional Information
EDUC 3003 Introduction to Teaching Fall & Spring 10-hour field experience
EDUC 3733 Developmental Psychology Fall, Spring, Summer Prereq: PSY 1113
Hybrid format available
SPED 3103 The Exceptional Child Fall & Spring Prereq or concurrent: EDUC 3733
10-hour field experience
Hybrid & online formats available
EDUC 4833 Selected Topics in Education Fall Prereq: EDUC 3003
30-hour field experience
Includes teaching methods & classroom management

Choose Two

CourseSemester OfferedAdditional Information
EDUC 3013 Cultural Foundations Fall
EDUC 3673 Media & Technology Fall & Spring Weekend format available
EDUC 3753 Educational Psychology Fall & Spring Prereq:  EDUC 3733 & EDUC chair approval
10-hour field experience
EDUC 4653 Classroom Assessment Fall & Spring Prereq:  EDUC 3003 & EDUC chair approval

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Minor in Educational Studies
Dana Hilbert, Department Chair

Alternative Certification in Oklahoma
Ramona Mott, Teacher Certification Specialist