2017 Inclusion and Leadership Summit

Summit 2017:

The Office of Student Development will host the 2017 Inclusion and Leadership Summit on Friday, March 31, 2017 in the CETES Conference Center. The one-day leadership conference will give CURRENT CU students, staff and faculty the chance to learn about social action in the 21st century through workshops, panel discussions and breakout sessions. Attendees are welcomed to all sessions.

Event Details:

Join us for a panel discussion with Dr. Edris Montalvo, Ms. Clara Arent and Ms. Karma Gurung as they lead a discussion regarding our duty to practice inclusion in our interactions and working relationships with individuals  from different cultures and backgrounds.

Breakout 1:

Opportunity for attendees to discuss what they learned from the session with each other in small groups and play interactive games as a debriefing after first session.

In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary added the word "clicktivism" to the dictionary, which is defined as the use of social media and other online methods to promote a cause. How does this use of digital media impact social justice  in the 21st century? Is this the new-age of activism? Ms. Olivia Polynice will speak about this shift in social engagement.

Breakout 2:

After the second sessions, participants will have the opportunity to debrief and get into groups to discuss the presentations. Groups will have the opportunity to discuss possible solutions for the future.

There are many complexities related to working effectively in diverse teams, both in the classroom and in this multigenerational workplace. Ms. Beth Hormann, Dr. John Masters, Ms. Isabella Chandler, Ms. Novia Hernandez-Henley and Dr. James Heflin will lead a discussion from their perspectives about how leadership and communication styles have evolved over generations.

Breakout 3:

Attendees are given the opportunity to discuss what is fact/fiction based on what they learned from the session. They will be broken into groups in order to work as a team.

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