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Student Organization 5-Star/Platinum Aggies Program

Purpose: The purpose of the 5-Star and Platinum Aggies program is to recognize student organizations and their members that act as a whole to make a positive impact on both Cameron University and the Lawton/Fort Sill community. Successful organizations will enhance the student experience of both their members and the greater campus community.

The following infrastructure serves as a framework to the program, but does not serve to answer every possible situation or question that might arise; therefore, changes may occur. In this case, if changes are made to the framework, student organizations will be notified in the bi-weekly email.

Star Achievement Breakdown

General Information:

  • No double dipping: Events/programs can only be counted once.
  • A student can only represent 1 organization per event/program.
  • Required number of members for event participation: 19 members or less - 3 members at a minimum are required to participate, 20 members or more – at least 20% of members are required to participate (unless specifically noted otherwise).
  • Organizations requesting credit towards 5-Star must complete and turn in the corresponding documentation to the Campus Life Office within 4 weeks after the event/task is completed. Additional support documentation may be submitted to help convey the purpose and success of the event.
  • Written Appeals may be submitted the Campus Life Office for submission to the 5-Star committee for the final decision.


  • On campus events - Must be posted on the Cameron University Calendar.
    • Deadline to post on CU Calendar - Event must be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the event. Must have student organization name in post. (Can post on CU Calendar earlier than the deadline).
    • This will ensure event is in the weekly Aggie Update email: Proof of the event will be advertisement in the Aggie Update email.
    • Do not post on CU Calendar until event has been confirmed by Events Management .
    •  Events that are canceled: Notify Events Management, update on CU Calendar.
  • Off campus events - It is the organization’s responsibility to provide proof of advertisement.
  • Events must be advertised as “Free to All Cameron University Students” Not “Open to Everyone”.
  • The advertisement must include the following information at a minimum: Organization Name, Contact Information, Event/Program Name, Date, Time, and “Free to All Cameron University Students”.

Earning 5-Star/Platinum:

  • Organizations must complete each star. May complete stars and star requirements in any order. The options as to how organizations choose to earn that star are listed below.
  • Awards Ceremony deadline for 5-Star March 11, 2021 at 12pm.
  • Organizations that earn 5-Star Status by the Awards Ceremony deadline, are eligible to apply for Platinum status. Up to 50% of 5-Star Status earners may be recognized as Platinum Aggies. Platinum Aggies will be selected by a committee of students, faculty, and staff. Platinum deadline is March 22, 2021 at 4pm.

Does Not Count Towards 5-Star/Platinum: Because the purpose of the 5-Star and Platinum program is for individual organizations to provide opportunities that benefit Cameron University and the Lawton/Fort Sill community, items listed below are not eligible.

  • Fundraisers benefiting either the organization or its members.
  • Volunteer hours, completed by individuals within the organization. However, the event may count towards completing a star.
  • Programs that highlight member accomplishments (i.e. Inductions, Awards Ceremonies, Organization/Department Meetings).
  • Events sponsored/co-sponsored by organizations directly advised by the Office of Campus Life.

Foundation Star-Star Achievement Requirement:

(Complete 4 out of the 4)

  • Attendance of Student Organization Orientation by at least one officer .
  • Turn in required Re-Registration material by the annual deadline.
  • Attendance of 5-Star Meeting by at least one officer (Signifies the organization’s commitment to 5-Star).
  • Maintain good standing status with SGA all academic year (If you do not meet this requirement you can reach 4-Star, but not 5-Star).

Campus Involvement Star-Star Achievement Requirement:

(Complete 4 out of the 6)

  • Host a table at the Fall Block Party, Fall Halloween Carnival, Diversity Day
  • Participate in 3 out of the 4 following Homecoming events: TBD
  • Participate in Team Intramurals (At least 2 different team sports: 3 individuals from organization must sign up for one sport, then a second sport).
  • Host a Signature Event - An event that is meaningful to the core value of organization’s mission (Must make appointment with Coordinator of Campus Life to get prior approval. Signature Events cannot be co-sponsored events, must be free to all CU students, credit is not given based on the size of the event).
  • Co-Sponsor an event at CU, with another campus organization or department.
  • Hold a virtual/online event (Screenshot proof of the event).

Education/Leadership Star-Star Achievement Requirement:

(Complete 3 out of the 5)

  • Presenter from outside CU presents on a personal/professional development topic to your organization.
  • An officer from organization participates in 3 Leadership Development/Organization Roundtable sessions hosted by the Office of Campus Life.
  • Complete a Transition Binder – Campus Life Office reviews Transition Binder by March 10, 2021 . (Passes down important information from outgoing leadership to incoming leadership: At a minimum, must include Constitution, Budgets, Flyers, Ledgers, Records, How to Plan an Event).
  • Host a bookcase in the Library (Fall or Spring semester, each semester verified at random).
  • An officer from organization attends 2 CU Succeed workshops.

Community Engagement Star-Star Achievement Requirement:

(Complete 2 out of the 3)

  • Donate items or funds that have a total value of at least $500 to a Tax-Exempt organization registered as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS (Can be multiple donations that total $500, the $500 value can be donated to more than one organization, provide receipts of all donations).
  • Participate in 2 volunteer opportunities through the Campus Life office.
  • Organization initiates and completes a community service project benefiting a local community entity.

Community Visibility Star-Star Achievement Requirement:

(Complete 3 out of the 5)

Choose 1 requirement to select as complete:

  • Organization’s event is recognized from an accredited news outlet (Current year Fall-Spring, outside of CU).
  • Participate in a community service project hosted by a local community entity.
  • Give community presentation relevant to your organization.
  •   Participate in conference/event that is relevant to your organization (Outside of CU).
  • Provide Campus Life with the student organization's social media page (Must be actively monthly, must be public and not private, will be checked at random, Ole Kim will be a follower.

Platinum Aggies

Platinum status recognizes your organization’s exemplary commitment and follow-through to positively impacting the Lawton/Fort Sill Community.

Platinum Process

Submit to the Campus Life Office justification for your organization being the best of the best (organization is free to choose the format). For example, you may submit by binder, essay, PowerPoint, or recorded presentation. The organization may be as creative as you would like, however, the main point is to prove to the selection committee why the organization acted exceptionally during the past academic year. Platinum status may be awarded to up to 50% of the 5-Star organizations per year, but is at the discretion of the selection committee.

Platinum Reward

  • 5-Star Award
  • Platinum Aggies Award
  • Choice of 1 of the below options:
    • Trifold board
    • Platinum organization table cover
    • Platinum organization banner
    • Other items as available