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Organization Directory 

Accounting Club

The purpose of the accounting and Business Club is to encourage growth and academic excellence, as well as bring a closer relationship among those who are business and accounting majors. We sponsor field trips to various Accounting and Business offices; we closely work with the Oklahoma Society of CPAs and the Oklahoma Accountancy Board; we are actively involved in volunteer efforts, university projects, and various community services.

Contact: Bernadette Lonzanida, (580) 581-7990 

CU Chapter Collegiate Future Farmers of America Aggie Club Chapter (Cameron CFFA)

*Inactive due to COVID

The Cameron University Collegiate FFA Aggie Club Chapter produces a wide variety of events that are fun for everyone. They are built on tradition, hard work, fun, and friendliness.

Contact: Jimmy Bricker, (580) 591-8002

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The American Chemical Society fosters the advancement of science and service to society, provides opportunities for keeping abreast of scientific developments and literature, aids in bridging the gap between scientific discovery and public enlightenment, gains ideas of various opportunities for study and work in the field of chemistry, and provides students with informational literature.

Contact: Dr. Ann Nalley, (580) 581-2889

Association of Computing & Technology Students (ACTS) (Asso. of Information Technology (AITP))

*Inactive due to COVID

AITP allows students who have an interest in data processing and information systems to share their ideas and talents with others. They meet with professionals in the data processing field, tour data processing facilities and explore career possibilities.

Contact: Harry Kimberling, (580) 581-7934

Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Tri Beta is an honorary society which provides fellowship for biology students and promotes interest in graduate and professional studies.

Contact: Dr. Mike Husak, (580) 581-2374

Biology Club

The Biology Club provides fellowship for biology students, as well as those individuals interested in biological sciences.

Contact: Dr. Mike Dunn, 580-581-2287

Criminal Justice Association

*Inactive due to COVID

The Criminal Justice Association is dedicated to the furthering of professionalism and the fostering of assistance and understanding between the community and criminal justice field.

Contact: Danyle Smith, (580) 591-2939

CU Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:

a. An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design, development,

construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing.

b. Greater interest in computing and its applications.

c. A means of communication between persons having an interest in computing

Contact: Chao Zhao, 580-581-2927

CU Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Mgmt (SHRM)

*Inactive due to COVID

CU SHRM provides Cameron University students with opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of Human Resource Management through affiliation with Great Plains SHRM (the local SHRM professional chapter) and the SHRM National organization.

Contact: Krystal Brue, (580) 581-2621

CU Council for Exceptional Children (CUCEC)

*Inactive due to COVID

Contact: Holly Rice, (580) 581-2322

CU Physics and Astronomy Club

*Inactive due to COVID

The Society of Physics and Astronomy Students encourages the advancement and diffusion of knowledge about physics and encourages student interest in physics.

Contact: Mark Polson, 580-581-2893

Engineering Club

*Inactive due to COVID

The purpose of Engineering Club is to promote leadership and scholarship among engineering students, to organize collaborative opportunities between students, fac/staff, and industry and develop a complete student educational experience.

Contact: Sheila Youngblood, (580) 581-8005

Health Professions Society (HPS)

*Inactive due to COVID

The Health Professions Society will promote student enrichment by sponsoring discussion groups, speakers, exploration opportunities through Southwest Area Health Education Center, mentoring, interview preparation, and community outreach opportunities.

Contact: Tony Miller, (580) 581-2277

History Club

*Inactive due to COVID

The History Club is for any student who has an interest in history. The club's primary purpose is to promote an intellectual improvement among students. The secondary purpose is to provide the students with the opportunity of getting to know other students and professors who are interested in the field through social gatherings.

Contact: Dr. Lance Janda, (580) 581-2499

Kappa Kappa Psi (Band)

*Inactive due to COVID

Kappa Kappa Psi serves as the honors society for collegiate band programs.

Contact: Dr. Jim Lambert, (580) 581-2807

Military Science Club

*Inactive due to COVID

The purpose of the Military Science Club is to enhance its members' involvement on campus and community events and increase their opportunities for personnel and professional growth and development.

Contact: Gregory Spires, (580) 581-2343

Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association (OAEA)

Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association promotes the development of professional attitudes among students preparing to enter the teaching profession.

Contact: Michelle Smith, (580) 581-2203


The purpose of the Pre-Nursing Club is to promote nursing related professions and to provide an environment that allows for the encouragement of members in their interest in nursing related professions, including coordination of activities, information and events to promote interest in nursing related professions.

Contact: Dana Winters, (580) 581-2309

Sports and Exercise Science Club (SES)

*Inactive due to COVID

Provides service projects for the community, educates people about ideals and benefits of physical education, provides academic and social activities for its members and promotes unity among those members.

Contact: Tyson Chambers, (580) 581-2286

Students in Early Childhood Education (SECE)

*Inactive due to COVID

SECE promotes the development of Early Childhood Education students and provides opportunities for those who are concerned with the well-being of young children.

Contact: Jami Huck, (580) 581-2834

Black Students Association

The main objective of the Black Student Association is to celebrate and promote African American culture and to provide an atmosphere to enhance each member's growth - socially, culturally, and individually, in order to produce a more promising future. Membership is open to everyone.

Contact: Dr. John Morris, (580) 581-2329

Cameron Muslim Association (CMA)

*Inactive due to COVID

CMA's goal is to foster a community that is geared towards learning, scholarship, tolerance, and culture. CMA seeks to not only create an environment where Muslims can meet, interact, and practice Islam, but also where non-Muslims can learn about Islam.

Contact: Dr. Abbas Johari, (580) 581-2540

CU International Club

*Inactive due to COVID

Cameron University International Club is open to all students, providing a forum for discussions of cultural diversity and encouraging the study of different cultures.

Contact: William Carney, (580) 581-2928

CU Nepalese Association (CUNA)

*Inactive due to COVID

Promote Nepali culture and traditions and to improve opportunities for Nepali students.

Contact: Dr. Narayan Thapa, (580) 581-2481


*Inactive due to COVID

Cameron PRIDE provides support and advocacy for any and all people facing discrimination, increases positive awareness about diversity within the community and Cameron University, and creates opportunities for safe and supportive social gatherings that strive to minimize the fear of harassment.

Contact: Leisha Estep; 580-581-2297

Diversity Diplomats

*Inactive due to COVID

The Diversity Diplomats are dedicated to creating and sustaining diverse, equitable and inclusive practices through programs that empower and educate Cameron University's campus community. The Diversity Diplomats guiding purpose is to give students interested in diversity and inclusion the opportunity to explore those passions through social engagement and academic support.

Contact: Becca Cherpak, 580-581-2209

Native American Student Association (NASA)

Native American Student Association (NASA)

The purpose of the Native American Student Association (CU-NASA) is to unite and represent the Native American student body at Cameron University by establishing a sense of identity, preserving the customs and heritage of our members, and advocating the advancement of our students socially, culturally, and academically.

Contact: William Carney, 580-581-2928

Student Veterans of America (SVA)

The Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a group of military veterans and supporters dedicated to supporting military veterans and their families during educational training.

Contact: Jason Poudrier, 580-581-5903

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)

The BCM, located just east of the campus, offers a Christian atmosphere with opportunities for worship, fellowship, leadership development and much more.

Contact: Rick Lowe, 581-2981 or Baptist Collegiate Ministries, (580) 353-4197

Cameron Campus Ministry (CCM)

Cameron Campus Ministry is a student organization upholding the following goals:

  1. To stimulate an academic approach to religion and faith
  2. To provide an opportunity for the application of faith to specific campus and community issues.
  3. To sponsor efforts designed to reveal the relationship between faith and action.

Contact: Joseph Roberts, (580) 581-2817

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

The mission of Chi Alpha is to proclaim, advance, and enable the students to pursue the mandate of Matthew 7:12, "In everything, do to others as you would have them to you."

Contact: Clinton Bryan, (580) 591-8006

CU Writing Club

*Inactive due to COVID

The mission of Cameron University Writing Club is to promote creative writing.

Contact: Dr. William Carney, (580) 581-2928

Alpha Phi (Sorority) 

Alpha Phi is a social sorority. The chapter's main goals are to encourage betterment of self and surroundings, provide sisterhood, and support philanthropies, endeavors and activities at Cameron University.

Contact: Gregory Spires, (580) 581-2343

Gamma Delta Pi

The Sorority's mission shall be to unite Cameron Students from various backgrounds to create a life-long bond among sisters while instilling character, an appreciation of the native culture, unity, respect, scholarship, and most importantly, the sisterhood of American Indian women and all others interested.

Contact: Carie Schneider, 580-581-2883

Kappa Sigma (Fraternity)

Kappa Sigma promotes friendship, loyalty, and brotherly feeling. The objective is to excel in all phases of fraternity and student activities at Cameron University by the development of scholarship, leadership, community service, social graces, and cultural awareness.

Contact: Daniel McFadden, (580) 581-2217

Omega Zeta Theta (OZT) (Sorority)

Omega Zeta Theta is a local social sorority. The chapter's purpose is to foster the development of lifelong friendships, to inspire and assist members in achieving their greatest aspirations, and creating a community of acceptance and appreciation.

Contact: Stacy Pifer, 580-581-2227

Sigma Tau Gamma (Fraternity) 

Sigma Tau Delta is an English honor society which offers scholarships to its members, supports the Cameron Forum, sponsors lectures and contests, and promotes interest in literature and the English language.

Contact: Greg Spires, (580) 581-2343

Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre)

Alpha Psi Omega works to stimulate interest in the theatre activities at CU.

Contact: Eric Abbott, (580) 581-2815

CU Psi Chi (Psychology)

Psi Chi is the national psychology honor society established to promote the field of psychology and to recognize students for their scholastic excellence in the field.

Contact: Stephanie Stern, (580) 581-5574

Delta Mu Delta (Business)

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society which recognizes students who have excelled in the field of business administration. Membership in Delta Mu Delta is available to juniors, seniors and graduate students only.

Contact: Dr. Greg Treadwell (580) 581- 5528

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Chemistry)

*Inactive due to COVID

The purpose is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all disciplines, but particularly in chemistry; to increase interest, scholarship, and research in chemistry; and to honor academically outstanding students of chemistry.

Contact: Dr. Ann Nalley, 580-581-2889

Kappa Delta Pi

The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service. The vision of Kappa Delta Pi is to help committed educators be leaders in improving education for global citizenship. Individually and collectively, society members recognize and honor achievement; strive to a high degree of professional fellowship, leadership, and growth in the field of education; and serve their students and educational community.

Contact: Ramona Hall, (580) 581-2279

Mu Phi Epsilon (Music)

International Music Fraternity purpose is the recognition of scholarship, and musicianship, and the development of a bond of friendship among its members.

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Underwood, (580) 581-2445

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Alpha Theta encourages the study of history and to recognize the excellence in history.

Contact: Dr. Lance Janda (580) 581-2499

Phi Eta Sigma

Phi Eta Sigma is the recognized honors society for Freshmen students.

Contact: Zeak Naifeh, (580) 581-2244

Phi Kappa Phi (Interdisciplinary)

Phi Kappa Phi is a prestigious, interdisciplinary national honor society for juniors, seniors and graduate students. Phi Kappa Phi recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, academic prestige, and character in all academic disciplines.

Contact: Cathy Blackman, (580) 581-2917

Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages)

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding ability and attainments in the study and teaching of foreign languages and the promotion of cultural enrichment of international amity derived from the knowledge and use of foreign languages.

Contact: Jose Gonzalez, (580) 581-2330

Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions, and among the staffs of qualified nonacademic institutions.

Contact: Paula Wyatt, (580) 581-7914

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is an English honor society which offers scholarships to its members, supports the Cameron Forum, sponsors lectures and contests, and promotes interest in literature and the English language.

Contact: William Carney, (580) 581-2928

Cameron Association of Interactive Gaming (CAIG)

*Inactive due to COVID

The purpose of the Cameron Association of Interactive Gaming (C.A.I.G) is to bring people together to socialize while actively engaging in a game play in a free, non-restrictive environment.

Contact: Corey Sanders, (580) 581-5901

CU Chapter of Circle K International (CUCKI)

CUCKI strives to develop college students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service and to collaborate with members of the Kiwanis family to achieve common objectives.

Contact: Kerri Stephens, 580-581-2315

CU Society for Creative Anachronism (CUSCA)

The purpose of the Cameron University Society for Creative Anachronism (CUSCA) is to promote a study of the Medieval and Renaissance eras through research and reenactment of these periods of history.

Contact: Eric Abbott, (580) 581-2815

Magic Lantern Film Society

The purpose of this organization shall be to present classic English-language and foreign-language films to Cameron students and faculty and the public in order to increase appreciation of classic films and awareness of film as an art form.

Contact: Dr. John Morris, 580-581-2329

Resident Hall Association (RHA)

The purpose of the RHA is to serve as an organization representing the interests of all students who currently reside in North and South Shepler as well as the Cameron Village.

Contact: Emily Trail 580-581-5907 

Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The mission of the Student Athlete Advisory Council shall make recommendations to the Athletic Dept. and President in regards to the services offered for student athletes, to assist in the development and implementation of programs, to represent their team, and create opportunities for student-athletes and their peers.

Contact: Andrew Brown (580) 581-2406