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Student Organizations

Cameron University realizes that Student Organizations are an integral part of the student experience. You are encouraged to find an organization that interests you and get involved! 

We expect that students who participate in Student organizations will

  • be connected to Cameron University
  • demonstrate effective communication skills
  • develop leadership skills


The Office of Campus Life offers the following opportunities for organization leaders to get together casually and network

  • Student Organization Orientation sessions to update club and organization officers on campus policies and procedures.
  • Various times each semester, the office hosts Student Organization roundtables.
  • Two Organization Fairs are offered each year for students to network with other organizations and advertise themselves to the rest of campus.


The Student Organization Handbook contains all the University's Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations. View the handbook.

For more information, contact Leslie Cothren or Daniel McFadden, 581-2217


The following contact information may be helpful for student organizations:

  • Office of Campus Life: 581-2217
  • Events Management: 581-2291
  • Sodexo/Dining Services/Catering: 581-2385
  • Information Technology: 581-2454
  • Physical Facilities: 581-2415
  • Printing Services: 581-2459
  • Public Safety: 581-2237
  • Student Government: 581-2444
  • Student Housing: 581-2392

Our organizations are identified in one of the following four categories:

  • Academic Organizations - These are clubs directly correlated with an academic program.
  • National Honor Societies - Honor societies are unique in that students cannot simply sign up and become a member, but they need to meet certain requirements such as having a certain GPA in their academic discipline in order to be inducted.
  • Social Greek Organizations - Greek letter organizations are another unique student group. Each group has their own specific set of values and ideals; however the general mission is develop social excellence in its members through service, philanthropy, leadership development, and campus involvement.
  • Special Interest Groups - This is the umbrella of a majority of the organizations on campus and includes everything ranging from the Magic Lantern Film Society to Resident Hall Association. Wherever there is a student interest, an organization can be created to meet that need.

View the Organization Directory 

If you would like to start a new organization, view all the necessary info. Organizations that have been inactive for 3 or more academic years will need to complete the process to register as a new student organization.

Existing Organizations

Currently, fully recognized organizations will only need to submit their constitutions every three years (unless they make major changes). The schedule is based on the name of your organization and is as follows:

  • Those beginning with A - F need to submit constitutions in 2023. (This includes all organizations beginning with "Cameron University...")
  • Those beginning with G - N need to submit constitutions in 2021.
  • Those beginning with O - Z need to submit constitutions in 2022.

The Office of Campus Life will recognize your organization based on the name that you use in your Constitution. If your group name changes, make sure you make the change in your constitution and re-submit.

Also, be sure the organization and the advisor discuss the Organization Advisor Agreement.