High Impact Opportunities

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides rigorous undergraduate Computer Science and Information Technology curriculum aimed at students who go above and beyond the required assignments in their curriculum to further their knowledge in the field of technology. The aim of the program is to instill strong critical thinking, leadership, and scholarship skills in students through advanced work and robust faculty guidance.

To qualify for the undergraduate Computer Science and Information Technology Honors Program, students must have completed at least 60 hours of coursework with a GPA of 3.6 or higher. Once admitted into the Honors Program, a student must satisfy the following requirements to earn the degree with honors:

1. Have a GPA of 3.6 or higher at graduation

2. Hold leadership role in departmental student organizations for at least one year

3. Take at least 9 hours of upper-division honored classes in their field of study. A grade of “B” or better required for the honored classes.

To honor a class:

a) The student must seek permission from the instructor of the class before enrolling, and

b) The student and the instructor of the class must agree to criteria for honoring the class in writing. Some examples of criteria are conducting research, extra assignments or projects, and participation in instructor assigned curricular or extracurricular activities

4. Make an oral presentation at a public event on a topic related to a student’s field of study OR submit written work on a topic related to a student’s field of study to a workshop, conference, or journal. 

Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence

Department of Computing & Technology is proud to be an Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence.

"The Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence (IC CAE) Program was established in 2005 to meet the nation’s demand for a diverse cadre of professionals to carry out national security priorities and obligations. The IC requires a diverse, professionally competitive, and knowledgeable workforce to successfully accomplish its mission. The intent of the IC CAE Program is to increase the pool of competitive, diverse, applicants, and to increase awareness of the IC mission and culture throughout ethnically and geographically diverse communities."




Data Analytical Course-MIS 4003

Data is power! Data is money! All disciplines are now using BIG DATA. Are you looking for an upper-division elective that starts you on the road to understanding how to use BIG data? Try the new Data Analytics course offered by the Computing and Technology department. Play with a really COOL TOOL and actual large datasets. All disciplines are invited. 

The major focus of this course is data analytics applications related to the corporate business world. Examples of discussion areas include banking and finance, retail, criminal justice, and health care. Prerequisites: STAT 2013 or MIS 3033 or CS3183.