College Central Network (CCN)

College Central Network

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Register with College Central Network (CCN) to search for jobs and internships targeted toward Cameron University Students and Alumni.


Registering is easy! Click on the College Central Network Icon. Then, click on the Students or Alumni Icon. Next, click on Create Account. View full instructions.

Once you have registered on College Central Network, you will have access to:

  •  View and search targeted job opportunities that match your  profile

  • Search over 500,000 national jobs.
  •  Search over 25,000 internships.
  •  Create and upload you résumé and career portfolio for employers to view.
  •  Receive emails about workshops, job fairs, and other career related events on and off campus.
  •  Listen to over 50 free career advice podcasts.
  •  Watch videos on career related topics including resume basics, tips for job hunting, and making a positive first impression.

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