Student Services

A variety of University programs and services provide assistance to students. These programs and services are described in the following sections.

College Counselors maintain contact with area schools and residents to inform them of the educational opportunities that exist at Cameron University.  The office is responsible for the University's recruiting program. Campus tours may be arranged through this office.  This office provides scholarship applications and related information.  The deadline for applications is February 1.

All students entering Cameron with less than 15 earned semester credit hours and who are seeking a degree at Cameron University are required to attend an orientation session.  The orientation introduces the student to the campus and provides information about resources, services, and activities. Contact the Office of Admissions (581-2230) to register for an orientation or to request additional information.

The Academic Advising Center is a central location for academic information and resources for students. In addition to providing advising services to all new Cameron students, we help students find the right major that meets their academic goals and interests. Students have access to Advising Specialists and Faculty Advisors who will provide timely and accurate academic advising for students’ academic success.  The Academic Advisement Center is located on the first floor of North Shepler and can be reached by calling 581-6741.

The Office of Financial Assistance provides financial counseling, administers scholarships, grants, loans and student employment.  Interested students should reference the Financial Information section of this catalog. Students can also contact the Financial Assistance Office (581-2293) for further information on application procedures or access Cameron’s website at

Living on campus provides the opportunity for involvement within a living-learning community of like-minded students.  Cameron University provides two great options for on-campus living - Cameron Village and Shepler Center.  Cameron Village combines all the amenities of an apartment complex with the convenience of on-campus living.  Shepler Center, comprised of two ten-story high-rises, provides Cameron students with a more traditional living-learning environment.

The Student Development Office works to establish and implement campus programs which heighten awareness and support the diversity of students on the Cameron campus. The office also works closely with cultural student organizations that encourage students to celebrate their culture or heritage. For additional information, please call 581-2209.

Cameron University recognizes that all students deserve an equal opportunity to participate in university life and attain a higher education.  The Student Development Office coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities and develops programs to support disability awareness.  If an accommodation on the basis of a disability is required, please contact the office at least four weeks before classes begin or as soon as possible to complete the required documentation for accommodations.  Please contact the office immediately if you have any concerns or problems with an accommodation.  For more information, please call 581-2209.

The Testing Center is responsible for coordinating, administering, and scoring a wide range of national, international, and local tests for the CU community and the general public. Tests offered include: National and Residual ACT (American College Test), CLEP (College-Level Examination Program), DSST (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support), EPE (Graduate English Proficiency Exam), GRE (Graduate Record Exam) Subject Test, LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), MAT (Miller Analogies Test), PRAXIS (Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), and the Institutional TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Additionally, the Testing Center administers computerized placement tests (CPT) for English, reading, and math for admission to Cameron, provides opportunities for gaining credit for certain college courses, and furnishes proctors for both computer-based and paper-based tests for Cameron and other universities. The Testing Center is equipped to handle all testing needs by providing careful and precise test administrations, adhering to high test security standards, and providing a low-distraction, comfortable environment. For more information, contact the Testing Center at 581-2502 or

The Student Development Office assists students in achieving their career goals. Career planning is provided to students in a variety of formats to include online job posting, College Central Network; an online self-assessment program, DISCOVER; and programs to assist in developing a resume, cover letter and interviewing skills.

Cameron University hosts three TRIO programs that are funded under the Higher Education Act. Known as TRIO Programs, they provide a comprehensive array of information, counseling, academic instruction and support services to at risk students in junior high, high school, and college.

Student Support Services
A part of the Cameron campus since 1987, Student Support Services offers academic advisement, enrollment, peer mentoring, free tutoring, financial aid information, SSS section classes, and a variety of enrichment workshops and cultural activities to Cameron participants. Participation in SSS provides personal and academic enrichment for students who may face economic, social, and cultural barriers to higher education.  SSS maintains information on campus and community resources and refers members to appropriate offices and agencies.    Applicants to the program must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be a first generation member of their family to pursue and receive a four-year degree.
  • Meet federal guidelines for having an economic need.
  • Have a documented learning or physical disability.

For more information, contact the Student Support Services Office in room 431 North Shepler, 581-2352.

Open Doors
Open Doors (Educational Talent Search) is an outreach program of information, educational guidance counseling, and support for 775 Lawton Public School low-income secondary students, high school dropouts, and high school graduates. Offices opened for this community outreach project in 1991.

More information is available in room 408 North Shepler, 581-5581.

Upward Bound
Upward Bound was established on campus in 1992 to provide rigorous academic instruction, individual tutoring and personal, career, and academic counseling for 57 low‑income, disadvantaged Lawton Public School, college-bound, high school students. The program was expanded in 2000 to include students from Geronimo High School.

For more information, contact Upward Bound in room 408 North Shepler, 581-5581.

The Reading Center. Located in the north wing of Nance‑Boyer Hall, the Reading Center provides assistance to students in improving skills of comprehension, vocabulary, study skills and reading rate. A service of the Department of Education, the Reading Center is staffed by specialists who are experienced in assessing and improving reading and study skills. A student visiting the Reading Center is tested to determine the materials best suited to the identified problems and is given a program of individualized instruction designed to strengthen reading and/or study skills.

The Language Learning Center. The Language Learning Center is located on the second floor of   Nance Boyer Hall in Room 2005. The laboratory has eight computerized listening/respond/record stations, two video stations, and three additional computer workstations, and is staffed by a full‑time lab director. Although the laboratory is primarily for the use of students enrolled in foreign language classes, other students may also use the tape, CD, and video programs available in more than thirty-six foreign languages.

Fine Arts Computer Laboratory. The Fine Arts Laboratory is located in Room 139 of the Music Building. The lab consists of the music library and a computer laboratory. Cameron University Library's collection of recordings and musical scores is housed here, and the lab contains stations available for listening. The remainder of this facility is devoted to computer work stations and various peripherals.

Resources of the Fine Arts Lab are available to all students, faculty, and staff on a first‑come, first‑served, basis. All users must show a current CU-ID to use any component of this lab. Hours of operation for the Fine Arts Lab may vary from semester to semester and are posted outside the lab door.

Center for Writers. The Center for Writers is located on the second floor of Nance Boyer Hall, northwest wing. The center is open to all Cameron students, offering assistance for writing assignments of any kind, including course papers and applications for scholarships, awards, and graduate and professional schools. The Center for Writers provides individual tutorial help, assistance with word processing, and access to software and printed material addressing critical-thinking skills, usage, grammar, vocabulary, documentation of research, development of personal style, and all stages of the writing process from pre-writing through final draft. Computers are available for students to access the Internet and e-mail accounts and to do word processing. Additionally, educational CD ROMs are available.

The Mathematics Tutorial Laboratory. Located in Burch Hall, the Mathematics Tutorial Laboratory is available to students who are enrolled in lower level mathematics classes through MATH 2713 (Elementary Calculus). The lab is staffed by undergraduate students under the supervision of the Math Lab Director. While students may obtain assistance on a walk-in basis, it is recommended that they call for an appointment (581-2484). The informal atmosphere of the lab allows the students to work on homework assignments alone or with classmates and have immediate assistance available from the math tutors on duty. A library of math textbooks may be checked out by students. Participation by students is strictly voluntary and may be on an irregular, drop-in basis or appointments can be made for a specific time.

The Business Computer Laboratory. The Business Laboratory is located on the first floor of Ross Hall, Room 100. An additional Accounting Laboratory is located on the second floor, Room 224.  The laboratory is staffed by a graduate assistants with specialized expertise in various areas of business, including accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and marketing.  The lab is open to all students with questions in business disciplines. The lab is equipped with personal computers, specialized software, calculators, and programmed learning materials. The emphasis is on individual assistance, but special review sessions and other group activities may be scheduled. Participation is voluntary and the laboratory is available 40 or more hours per week at times to accommodate both day and evening students.

The Sarkeys Foundation Student Computing Center. The Sarkeys Foundation Student Computing Center (SFSCC), located in Academic Commons, is an open lab intended to serve the computing needs of students and faculty. Resources are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the convenience of users. All users must be able to justify their use of the lab. The Center also proctors on-line tests.

Administration:    581-2403
Reference:          581-2957
Circulation:         581-2955/2956
Interlibrary Loan: 581-2382

Cameron University Library promotes scholarly inquiry and work by providing materials and services associated with the access and use of information. Access to print and electronic materials is available in the physical library and through the library’s webpage. The library houses comfortable work areas, a fully-equipped computer lab, and a group of friendly staff members trained to assist Cameron University patrons with their library needs. 

With the aim to support the teaching mission at Cameron University, research and scholarship at Cameron University are undertaken by faculty and students using a broad range of approaches. The quest for new knowledge, synthesis of existing information, and application of knowledge are shared experiences within the University community. In keeping with the institutional purpose of providing education through community service, research at Cameron is typically applied in nature. Students are afforded the opportunity to work on real world problems of relevance to the broader community of which the University is a constituent, under the mentorship of caring and highly qualified faculty.

As a part of the research support system, Cameron has established the Cameron Scholarly Research Project Grant Program to encourage faculty, staff, and students in completing scholarly projects in the areas of discovery, integration, application, and teaching. In addition, the Office of Academic Enrichment provides resources and opportunities for faculty, staff, and students in conducting basic and applied research in support of their academic pursuits and to enhance the reputation of Cameron University. Particularly, the center strives to support all aspects of the proposal development process and to serve as a liaison between external funding agencies as well as internal departments including Payroll, the Provost and the Office of the President. The major services provided include the identification of grant opportunities to support grant activities at Cameron University, assist faculty and staff in the development and submission of internal and external grant applications, track Institutional Review Board and Human Subjects Training submissions, and support undergraduate students in their pursuit of practical research experiences.

Cameron University currently has 20 nationally and internationally recognized honor and professional societies which elect members based on scholastic achievement. The two University-wide honor societies are:

Phi Kappa Phi, recognizing outstanding juniors, seniors, and graduate students from all disciplines, and
Phi Eta Sigma, a national college scholastic honor society for freshmen.

For information on Cameron honor societies acknowledging outstanding achievement in specific disciplines, please contact the Honors Program, 581-6737.

Cameron University recognizes the importance of co-curricular activities and the role they play in the college experience. The Campus Life Office strives to provide a variety of activities and engage students in campus life.

Cameron recognizes more than 80 student organizations with varying interests. The focus of the groups range from academic to social and from religious to political. If a student is interested in joining or starting a group, contact the Student Activities Office for assistance.

Student Activity Facilities

The Office of Student Activities, located in the McMahon Centennial Complex on University Drive, is the seat of all campus activities and houses the offices of the Programming Activities Council and the Student Government Association.

The McMahon Centennial Complex is Cameron's state-of-the-art student activities complex, featuring a game area, food court, McCasland Ballroom, Cameron University Bookstore, meeting rooms, the Inasmuch Foundation Art Gallery, and more.

The McMahon Center, located at Cameron Village, includes a great room with a pool table, television, piano and fireplace, as well as a library, classroom and 24 hour resident computer lab. The McMahon Center also houses the Office of Residence Life and a faculty-in-residence.

Cameron Stadium is a bowl type modern football field, with artificial turf and with a seating capacity of approximately 10,000. The stadium is complete with concession facilities, press box, dressing rooms and ample parking.

McCord Field is a baseball park complete with concession facilities, press box and ample parking. It has a seating capacity of approximately 1,000.

The Cameron gymnasium has a seating capacity of approximately 1,600. The building is complete with dressing facilities and four all-purpose classrooms.

The tennis courts are among the finest tennis facilities in the area, with eight pro surface courts and tennis dressing areas.

The Cameron Fitness Center is a 40,000 sq. ft. facility which has a gym for basketball, volleyball and other team activities, four racquetball courts, strength and cardio equipment, aerobic activities, running track, and a 25-yard indoor swimming pool. All areas are handicap accessible.

Accommodations on the basis of disability at any campus facility are available by contacting the Office of Student Development at 580-581-2209, North Shepler Room 314, or by e-mail at

Programming Activities Council

The mission of the Programming Activities Council (PAC) is to improve the quality of activities and gain student input into the planning of programs, entertainment and activities. PAC provides activities such as comedians, hypnotists, concerts, and trips for the University. Major events for the entire campus are coordinated and implemented by the Council. For a complete list of activities sponsored by PAC, go to or call 581-2217 for more information.

Student Government

The Student Government is the governing body representing all Cameron University students. This organization, comprised of Senators from the academic departments and representatives from the student organizations, is presided over by a student-elected president. The purpose of the Student Government is to promote the interests and welfare of the student body. SGA officers can be reached by calling 580-581-2244.

Student and Departmental Organizations

By participating in departmental clubs, honor societies, and special interest organizations, students develop life skills by utilizing them at the University, and in the community, enriching their college experience. Information about membership in student  organizations is available in the Office of Student Activities, 581-2217.
Cultural Programs

A wide range of cultural events are presented each year by the various departments and special committees on campus.

The Lecture and Concerts Committee sponsors both popular and classical musical concerts while also bringing to campus a number of eminent speakers on many subjects, from politics to science.

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of arts activities and opportunities, which are open to all Cameron students regardless of major. The Department of Art, Music and Theatre Arts sponsors frequent student gallery shows as well as workshops and exhibits by well-known visiting professionals. Cameron's award-winning Speech and Debate Team competes at the national level. Student musicians can choose from a wide array of instrumental ensembles and choirs. The Departments of Art, Music and Theatre Arts  also produces numerous productions each year. 

The Office of Student Activities brings prominent artists, programs, and seminars to the campus to provide a wide range of social and cultural events to Cameron University students, faculty, and staff.

Intercollegiate Athletics
The Athletics Department is supervised by the Director of Athletics. The Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, a secondary committee of the Institutional Services Committee, serves in an advisory capacity to the Athletic Director.

Cameron University competes at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II level. Its teams are consistently ranked among the best and compete successfully against top teams in the nation.

The present program includes the men’s sports of  basketball, baseball, cross country,  golf and tennis, and the women’s sports of basketball, golf, softball, tennis and volleyball. Cheerleading and Sports Medicine are also included within the Athletic Department. Scholarships are available in each of these sports/areas. Information can be obtained by writing to the Athletic Director, who will forward inquires to the appropriate head coach.


Cameron University, through the Athletics Department, offers an extensive intramural program. Activities include basketball, softball, golf, soccer, flag football, racquetball, badminton, tennis, dodgeball, bowling, and volleyball. During the year, other sports may be offered depending upon student demand and availability of facilities and supervisory help.

Religious Organizations

Cameron University is a state-supported, non-sectarian institution, but it recognizes the importance of spiritual life and cooperates with many off-campus groups that fulfill the religious needs of the community. Several recognized student organizations are affiliated with denominational student centers. Each of these centers conducts student programs under the direction of professionally trained staff.

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Special University recognition is given each year to junior and senior students who are chosen for this prestigious honor. Totaling approximately one percent of the student body, these recipients are selected on the criteria of outstanding scholarship, leadership, citizenship and potential by a committee representing students, faculty, and staff.

The University Newspaper
Founded in 1926, The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Cameron University. The Collegian is written, designed, edited, and produced by student editors for the students, faculty, staff, and administration of the university. The Collegian serves both as a voice for the students of the university, and as a training ground for student journalists to hone the skills they develop in their courses. The Collegian offices house all of the equipment and materials utilized during the production of the paper. Once the final product is ready to print, pages are sent digitally to an off-campus press. Students deliver papers across the campus and local communities on Mondays. The Collegian is a member of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association.

The Oklahoma Review
The Oklahoma Review is an international online literary magazine edited by Cameron University students under the guidance of faculty from the English program. The magazine publishes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, and book reviews by writers from all over the world who are working in English.

KCCU FM is the public radio voice of Cameron University, featuring programming from NPR and other public radio sources. KCCU is a nationally recognized, award-winning public radio station that serves numerous communities from its studios on the Cameron campus. KCCU is also a leader in the broadcast industry in innovative uses of radio technology, including HD Radio. The following communities are served on these frequencies: KCCU Lawton broadcasts two channels of HD programming on 89.3 FM, and one channel of programming on 102.9 FM; KLCU Ardmore broadcasts two channels of HD programming on 90.3 FM; KMCU Wichita Falls Texas broadcasts two channels of HD programming on 88.7 FM; KZCU Woodward broadcasts on 95.9 FM; KYCU Western Oklahoma broadcasts on 89.1 FM; and KCCU Chickasha broadcasts on 100.1 FM.  KCCU also streams two channels of programming on its website, These stations, along with the website streaming, provide public radio service to a large section of Western, Southwestern, and South-central Oklahoma, and parts of North Texas. The station features NPR news; Texas/Oklahoma news; classical music; jazz; and other specialty programming.  KCCU is operated by a professional staff with the assistance of Cameron University students enrolled in communication courses and other majors. KCCU hires part-time student production assistants and news reporters to give them professional experience in the broadcast industry, and utilizes student interns each semester who enroll in communication courses. KCCU is also an outreach for Cameron University, building upon the university’s community service efforts. KCCU is a non-commercial public radio network that relies upon financial support from individual members, local businesses and area foundations.

CUTV is a closed circuit television channel broadcasting to monitors located across campus on Channel 11. CUTV channel features a bulletin board of daily activities and events of interest to students, faculty and staff members. The Communication Department produces a weekly news program featuring campus events. Communication students also produce a weekly student government report, a news brief and a feature program focusing on major campus events and campus leaders.

The Student Handbook is an official publication of the University which explains University policies and procedures and provides University information for all aspects of University life. Students are responsible for knowing its contents.  Copies are available in the Office of the Dean of Student Services and online at

Rules and regulations for the conduct of students attending Cameron University are listed in the Student Handbook. A primary purpose of these regulations is to help maintain a safe learning environment for members of the academic community. Student violations of these rules and regulations are reviewed by administrative officers having disciplinary responsibilities. The decisions made by these officers are subject to an appeal, either administratively or by proper referral to an appropriate judicial committee. When a student is suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons, the grades recorded for the student for that semester shall be determined in the same way as if the student had withdrawn voluntarily and any refund of fees shall be determined by the regular refund policy.

Student records are filed in a variety of offices as listed in the Student Handbook. The administrative officers are responsible for the records under their control and for the appropriate release of information contained in these records. Cameron University forwards educational records on request to other educational institutions in which a student seeks or intends to enroll without providing any further notice to the individual regarding the transfer of records.

Release of Student Information. Student records are confidential in the sense that the information contained in these records is given voluntarily by the student for the private use of the institution for educational purposes only. The information contained in student records is of two different types:

Directory Information. This information may be freely released by University officials without the consent of the student. Upon written request by the student, this information will be treated as confidential and released only with the student’s written consent. Forms for withholding student “directory information” are available in the Office of the Registrar. This information consists of:

  • Full Name               
  • Mailing Address               
  • Telephone number       
  • Enrollment status 
  • Athletic program information 
  • Previous institution most recently attended
  • Degrees and awards received
  • Dates of attendance
  • Date of graduation
  • Major
  • Academic classification
  • Participation in officially recognized organizations, activities 

Personally Identifiable Information. All other information contained in student records and not listed as directory information falls into the second, or restricted category. This type of restricted information is found mainly in

  1. the academic record maintained by the Office of the Registrar and controlled by the Registrar;
  2. the student conduct record kept in the Office of Student Development; and
  3. the records of the various other University offices of Financial Assistance, Student Development, Public Safety and Student Housing, supervised by their respective directors.

To protect the rights of the student or graduate, it shall be the policy of the University to release this restricted information to other persons or agencies, only as provided by FERPA. However, a student may choose to release information to a third party by completing a FERPA waiver. Forms and information are available in the Office of Student Services, North Shepler 324, 581-2244.

Emergency situations may develop which could necessitate the release of restricted information without the approval of the student or proper legal action. In these emergency situations, where the immediate welfare of the student or the University may be in jeopardy, the administrative official in charge of the office maintaining the requested information will make the decision regarding the release of the information. In cases where the responsible administrator is not available to make the decision, or, if he or she decides not to release the information, an appeal to secure the information may be made to the University President.

The facilities of the McMahon Centennial Complex are open to Cameron University students, faculty, staff and guests.

Food service is provided at two locations, the McMahon Centennial Complex which features a food court and the Shepler Cafeteria. The McMahon Centennial Complex offers such items as pizza, deli subs and sandwiches, hot grill items and “grab and go” pre-packaged salads, cakes and drinks. Items may be purchased using either cash, credit, or your AggieOne card.  The Shepler Cafeteria, located between the two Shepler towers, provides meals for resident students. This cafeteria operates on an “all you can eat” basis. Commuter meal plans are also available.

The Cameron University Bookstore is conveniently located in the McMahon Centennial Complex. Here students will find their required course materials as well as a selection of recommended study aids.

In addition to textbooks, the Bookstore carries a wide selection of imprinted clothing and gift ware which students can purchase to show their school spirit. The Cameron Bookstore also carries basic school supplies, educationally priced software, study aides such as Cliff Notes and Schaum’s Outlines, electronic equipment and top 40 CDs.

The Bookstore also stocks a selection of trade books with emphasis on nursing, computers, ethnically diverse interests and local/faculty authors. Students will find a selection of candy/snacks and cold drinks for purchase at the Bookstore as well.

Graduation regalia, class rings, diploma frames and announcements are also available through the Cameron Bookstore.

If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask a store associate and the Bookstore can place a special order for you at no additional charge.
Students can shop the Cameron Bookstore on-line as well, in one of three ways:, through a link on the university website or go to, choose the state and then click on Cameron.

The Cameron University Post Office is located in the McMahon Centennial Complex inside the Bookstore. Patrons can purchase postage here as well as money orders and post outgoing mail and packages.

Cashiers for Cameron University are located on the first floor of the Administration Building and at “One-Stop” located on the first floor of the McMahon Centennial Complex.

The cashiers in the Administration Building are responsible for releasing to students all financial assistance checks, such as loans, grants, scholarships and work study, as well as accepting payments for charges incurred at the University.

“One-Stop” provides a convenient, second location for students, faculty and staff to make payments for charges incurred at the University. Parking permits and Cameron University ID cards are available at “One Stop.”

Both areas accept credit card payments using MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Cameron's Student Wellness Center, located on the first floor of North Shepler, offers medical care for acute conditions, mental health counseling, monthly education programs, and interactive workshops. 

The Student Wellness Center is open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Medical services are provided on a walk-in basis. Counseling services are provided by appointment only. 

All students who are actively enrolled on the main campus are eligible for medical services.

All students who are enrolled at least ½ time on the Lawton or Duncan campuses are eligible for counseling services.

We strongly encourage all students to carefully consider their health care options. Visit for the Health Insurance Market Place to find coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Please note that all international students attending Cameron are required to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan through Academic Health Plans. For information about this requirement or to request a waiver, please contact the International Admissions Office at 581-2838.

For additional information about these health benefits, contact the Student Services Office at 581-2244.

R.O.T.C. Medical Eligibility -- Satisfactory completion of a physical examination is required prior to participation in the advanced Military Science Program.

The purpose of the Association is to cooperate with and assist in the promotion of the goals and purposes of Cameron University, and to encourage a continuing and increasing interest in the University among graduates, former students and friends through information, education and service.

Projects include reunions, alumni and faculty awards. A benefit golf tournament and a membership drive support scholarships and various other campus activities.

Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the Association.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Cameron University Alumni Association, Office of Alumni Relations, 2800 West Gore Boulevard, Lawton, Oklahoma 73505;  by telephone at 580-581-2988; or on the web at