Programs Offered

Degree Programs

Cameron University offers curricula leading to master's, bachelor's and associate degrees. The following bachelor's degrees are offered: Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acctg.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Bachelor of Music (B.M.), Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.), and Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Associate in Science (A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees are also offered. Associate and bachelor's degree programs include a general education requirement and a major or concentration. Bachelor's degree programs also include a minor (or major‑minor) and electives. Development of expertise in a discipline occurs in major courses; a minor broadens the student's education. General education provides the common experience and knowledge that characterize the academically educated person. Electives afford the opportunity for both exploration and continued study in areas of particular interest.

Students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements. It is essential that each student (1) become familiar with the requirements for the degree being pursued, (2) formally request substitutions or waivers of courses necessary to meet degree requirements, and (3) verify each enrollment to ensure the courses apply toward degree requirements, satisfy a prerequisite, or meet some mandated institutional requirement.

Graduate Degrees*


Master of Science Behavioral Sciences 

Marriage and Family
General Psychology

  Educational Leadership   

Organizational Leadership

Master of Education Education

Special Education
Teaching and Learning


Master of Business     
Business Administration  

*See the Graduate School Catalog for details regarding masters degree programs at

Undergraduate Degrees


Bachelor of Arts





Creative Writing


English Education
International Languages
Journalism and Media Production
Political Science
Social Studies Education



Strategic Communication

Communication Studies
Public Relations


Theatre Arts


Bachelor of Science


Agriculture Business
Animal Science
Environmental Science




Cellular and Molecular
Medical Laboratory Science



ACS Certified
Non-ACS Certified
Health Profession

Computer Science
Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education Special Education

  Elementary Education Special Education

Family & Child Studies

Information Technology  Computer Info Systems
Management Info Systems
Cyber Security/Info Assurance   


Interdisciplinary Studies


Organizational Leadership

Criminal Justice
Military Science

Sociology General Sociology
Human Services

Sports & Exercise Science

Undergraduate Specialty Degrees


Bachelor of Accounting Accounting  

Bachelor of Business Administration Business Administration Finance
General Business

Bachelor of Fine Arts Art Graphic Design
Painting, Printmaking,

Bachelor of Music Music Composition
Piano Performance
Instrumental Performance
Vocal Performance

Bachelor of Music Education Music Education Instrumental/General

Undergraduate Associate Degrees


Associate in Arts   Strategic Communication

Associate in Science     Allied Health Sciences  
  Interdisciplinary Studies  

Associate in Applied
Criminal Justice Corrections
Law Enforcement
  Engineering Mechanical Engineering 
Electrical Engineering 
Civil Engineering 
Environmental Engineering 
Industrial Engineering
  Information Technology  
Radiologic Technology
Respiratory Care

Pre-Professional Studies

Cameron University offers course work at the pre- professional level for such fields as medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and engineering.

The requirements for admission to specific professional schools vary considerably. Students should therefore consult the catalog of the professional school to which they plan to apply for admission for guidance in course selection. Departmental chairs at Cameron are familiar with the requirements of most professional schools and can assist in appropriate selection of courses.

Actuarial Science Mathematical Sciences
Dentistry Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
 Engineering  Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Law Social Sciences 
Medicine Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Nursing Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences
Optometry Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Pharmacy Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Physical Therapy Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Veterinary Medicine Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences or Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering

Diplomas and Transcripts

Cameron University views the diploma as a "ceremonial" document, suitable for display purposes. The document officially verifying completion of degree requirements is the transcript issued by the Registrar's Office.

The Honors Program

Cameron University's Honors Program (CUHP) supports and rewards academically advanced students by providing them with exceptional opportunities for learning both inside and outside the traditional classroom setting. CUHP students dramatically enrich their undergraduate experience by enrolling in team-taught courses, participating in frequent field trips, exploring subjects from interdisciplinary perspectives, conducting independent research for presentation at conferences and/or publication, benefitting the community through service-learning projects, and discovering how to work collaboratively to define and resolve specific problems appropriate to their interests and areas of expertise. The CUHP also provides a central focus for the pursuit of academic excellence on the Cameron campus.

The CUHP offers honors sections of selected courses that meet general education requirements; the program also works with faculty and interested students to set up honors options for  many traditional courses. Additionally, all CUHP students must complete one interdisciplinary upper division honors seminar as well as two core colloquia (Great Works I and Great Works II) that are taught by multiple faculty from different departments.

These courses and honors options are open to students with high levels of talent, preparation, and/or motivation. All students who have scored 25 or higher on the ACT are automatically eligible for admission into the CUHP and are encouraged to apply. Students whose test scores do not make them automatically eligible but who nevertheless want to make the most of their academic experience at Cameron are invited to apply to the program  director for provisional admission. Typically, honors courses are small, discussion-based classes, and they are often augmented by field trips, museum visits, guest lectures, and technological enhancements. Full listings of honors course offerings are published regularly by the CUHP office. Honors course offerings are structured to encourage students to complete a significant portion of their general education requirements in honors courses and to encourage students to reconsider the interrelationship between disciplines and careers. The CUHP also encourages the development of high quality undergraduate research, honors capstone projects, and the development of honors degree tracks in the major disciplines. Successful completion of individual honors courses and/or comprehensive honors program tracks will be acknowledged on the Cameron transcript.

The program also coordinates the activities of the Cameron honor societies and works to increase their visibility and to maximize their roles as hubs of academic leadership in the Cameron campus community. Membership in Cameron’s honor societies is acknowledged each year during Convocation.

The aim of the CUHP is to produce graduates who have gone farther, learned more, and become more capable of leadership both in the community and in a chosen field of study.