General Information

The history of Cameron University corresponds to the history of the area it serves in Southwest Oklahoma. It was founded by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1908 as Cameron State School of Agriculture, one of six agricultural high schools in the state and placed under the jurisdiction of the State Commission of Agriculture and Industrial Education. The institution was named for E. D. Cameron, first State Superintendent of Schools.

Cameron added junior college work in 1927 when local needs demanded access to higher education. With the changed function came the name Cameron State Agricultural College. It became solely a college in 1941 when the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education was formed, and joined the group of institutions governed by the Board of Regents for Oklahoma A&M Colleges.

Baccalaureate degrees were authorized in 1966 by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, following action by the Legislature. In May of 1970, the first bachelors degrees were awarded. The institution's name was changed to Cameron College in 1971, and was further amended to Cameron University in 1974.

In 1988, the State Regents expanded Cameron's functions to include offerings at the masters degree level. This change in function was the first granted to an Oklahoma institution since Cameron was given authority to offer bachelors degrees more than 20 years earlier. The first masters degrees were awarded to forty-one graduates in May of 1990.

In recognition that Cameron’s mission had become significantly more complex and predominantly urban, on June 1, 1992, the governance of the University was transferred by the Oklahoma Legislature to the governing board for the University of Oklahoma, the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma (“Board of Regents”). With the transfer of governance came new affiliations between Cameron and the University of Oklahoma, which have broadened and strengthened academic offerings by both institutions.

Cameron University is a regional, public university serving Southwest Oklahoma and a global learning community. The University is governed by The Board of Regents of The University of Oklahoma within a state system coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Cameron University offers associate, baccalaureate, and masters degree programs.

Cameron University provides a diverse and dynamic student body access to quality educational opportunities; fosters a student-centered academic environment that combines innovative classroom teaching with experiential learning; prepares students for professional success, responsible citizenship, life-long learning, and meaningful contributions to a rapidly changing world; and is a driving force in the cultural life and economic development of the region.

In pursuit of its mission, the University has established three areas of commitment and service: education for effective living, education for specialized fields of endeavor, and education through community service.

  1. Education for Effective Living

    Cameron University's program of education for effective living is designed to provide common experiences needed by all citizens. The program's objectives are to encourage the student to think clearly, creatively, and critically about those problems confronting the individual and society; to stimulate the student to seek more knowledge, develop more tolerance, and to acquire greater awareness of the world community; to assist the student in making contributions to the groups of which society is composed; and to foster within the student the desire to continue the pursuit of knowledge whereby a better understanding of self and society is afforded. The University seeks to facilitate these objectives through required general education courses in communications, mathematics, natural sciences, American history and political science, humanities, behavioral sciences, economics, physical activities, and through a program of student services.

  2. Education for Specialized Fields of Endeavor

    The purpose of specialized education is to develop the technical and professional competencies of individuals in order that they meet the demands and requirements of modern professions. The University is committed to specialized education in four realms:

    Baccalaureate Degree Programs
    Baccalaureate degree programs provide for a comprehensive background and concentrated investigation in one or more disciplines. These curricula prepare the student for entrance into professions, for further professional training, or for graduate study. The University seeks to facilitate such objectives by offering curricula leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Specialty.

    Associate Degree Programs
    The University recognizes that educational and occupational preparation in post-secondary programs having less than a baccalaureate objective is an essential part of meeting the objectives of the University and the needs of individuals and society. The University seeks to facilitate such objectives by offering curricula culminating in Associate in Applied Science Degrees and Associate in Science Degrees.

    Teacher Education
    The purpose of the teacher education program is to assist in the development of effective members of the teaching profession. The University seeks to facilitate this objective by offering both course work and practical experiences in professional teacher education curricula and in specialized programs in Early Childhood Education, in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Elementary-Secondary Education. Students who have successfully completed these programs and have passed the state certification examinations, may be recommended to the State Department of Education for Oklahoma state teaching credentials at the early childhood, elementary, secondary, or elementary-secondary level.

    Graduate Degree Programs
    The Graduate degree programs are designed to offer opportunities for advanced learning, professional preparation, economic enhancement, and personal development through concentrated and detailed study and research in any of several academic disciplines appropriate to persons living in Southwest Oklahoma. Cameron University facilitates such objectives by offering curricula leading to master's degrees. For more information refer to the Graduate Studies Catalog at

  3. Education Through Community Service

    The University serves individuals, businesses, industries, and professions in the service area by making available, on campus and in the community, facilities and personnel who organize, promote and participate in both credit and non-credit conferences, institutes, workshops and vocational and extension courses. In addition, individual University personnel serve as resource persons for the community. The University also provides facilities and personnel for lectures, musical and dramatic productions, art exhibits and intercollegiate athletics. The University supports research projects appropriate to the University and outside agencies.

The functions assigned to Cameron University by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education include:

A. Both lower-division and upper-division undergraduate study in several fields leading to the baccalaureate degree.

B. A limited number of programs leading toward the first professional degree when appropriate to the institution's strengths and the needs of the state.

C. Graduate study below the doctor's level, primarily in teacher education but moving toward limited comprehensiveness in fields related to Oklahoma's manpower needs.

D. Extension and public service responsibilities in the geographic regions in which the university is located.

E. Responsibility for institutional and applied research in those areas related closely to program assignments.

F. Responsibility for regional programs of economic development.

G. Perform other functional or programmatic responsibilities as authorized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Criteria for consideration of programs outside of the function described herein are outlined in the OSRHE Academic Program Approval policy.

Cameron University has been designated as a Servicemembers Opportunity College. Sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the Servicemembers Opportunity College Project (SOC) represents a commitment to education for the military. This network of institutions with similar admissions, transfer and residence requirements and policies allows service members to move from random educational activities into program completion efforts. It allows maximum coordination of opportunities among institutions. Students with a SOC agreement must complete the degree requirements within seven years from issue date.

The four-year degree areas offered through Cameron University are: Accounting, General Business, Marketing, Management, Criminal Justice, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Psychology.

The two-year degrees are Criminal Justice and Interdisciplinary Studies.

This program is coordinated through the Admissions Office.

All students are charged a general fee which includes charges for registration, library and classroom and laboratory instruction. Special fees are charged for other services which are made available to students. The rates for both general and special fees are set by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and are subject to periodic review and revision.

Refer to the current Enrollment Schedule or contact the University Business Office for current fees and refund policies.

Financial Assistance

Cameron has assistance programs in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and employment. Students intending to apply for financial assistance should contact the Office of Financial Assistance well in advance of the time to enter CU. Application materials may be obtained from the Financial Assistance Office, or by going to the following website:


Each year a variety of scholarships are awarded to Cameron students. The scholarships are made available by the State of Oklahoma, Cameron University, the Cameron University Foundation, and private organizations through Cameron. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and are based upon scholastic ability, financial need, demonstrated talent in individual studies, leadership, athletics or fine arts.

For additional information, applicants should contact the Financial Assistance Office, the Director of Admissions, or Chair of the department in the area of the student's major or in which the scholarship is desired.

The priority date for scholarship application submission is February 1st of each year. Scholarship applications received after February 1st each year will be considered only if funds are available. A listing of university scholarships and university scholarship application is available on the following website:

Student Employment

Cameron University offers employment to a limited number of students each year in all areas of the university. Students have the opportunity to apply for an on-campus position to assist with educational  expenses. To view current on-campus employment opportunities and for additional information about becoming a Cameron employee, to AggieAccess and click on My Info, then Quick Links, and On-Campus Employment. The list is maintained by the Office of Human Resources and can be accessed online at


Federal and state funds are available through Cameron University in the form of educational grants (Pell, SEOG, TEACH, Oklahoma's Promise/OHLAP, and OTAG) to help students with exceptional financial need to pursue a course of undergraduate study. The student must be enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment and must show the ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

The grant amounts vary depending on (1) financial need and (2) amount of assistance provided from non-federal grants, scholarships, loans and student employment. The student must be enrolled in an eligible program leading to a degree or certificate.  Applications may be obtained from the Office of Financial Assistance, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma 73505, or at the following website:


Cameron University is a participant in the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. If all federal requirements are met, an applicant who is an undergraduate or a graduate student in an eligible program can borrow money for educational expenses.

Applicants must be enrolled or be accepted for enrollment on at least a half-time basis and show evidence of ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Repayment and interest requirements will depend upon the type of loan applied for and current federal guidelines.

For detailed information about each loan and the required application form, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance.

Veterans Benefits

Cameron University is certified by the Oklahoma State Accrediting Agency to the Veterans Administration (VA) as an approved training institution for certain veterans, eligible dependents or survivors and active service members who qualify for federally-enacted education benefits administered by the VA.

Cameron University's Veterans Affairs Office (VAO) provides assistance and information on application for benefits, available programs, admission and enrollment, general advisement and counseling and special tutorial services. A primary function of VAO is the certification of student enrollment and attendance to the VA. Eligible students are encouraged to use VAO services in matters pertaining to school and related VA benefits.

Initiation and continuation of VA education benefits are accomplished by eligible students through the Veterans Affairs Office. Students must submit paperwork indicating an intent to enroll at Cameron University and a request for assistance with veterans benefits at least ten weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to report to the Office of Veterans Affairs prior to each semester.

Students utilizing VA education benefits must turn in all previous training records and transcripts to be evaluated for prior credit, whether or not prior credit is granted.

Students utilizing VA education benefits may be in debt to the VA for withdrawal or early dismissal from the university.

Leaves of Absence Due to Military Deployment - Students (including students utilizing VA Educational benefits) encountering special circumstances impacting their academic enrollment with Cameron University may submit a Special Request form to Academic Affairs. Students may request financial and/or academic relief through this process. If the request is due to unexpected military deployment which interrupts or precludes the completion of course(s), it must be accompanied by military documentation. Requests for academic and financial relief are reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs and by the Business Office, respectively, on a case-by-case basis.