Travel Reimbursement General Information

  1. A University Form T3, Travel Request for Leave and Reimbursement, must be properly executed and approved at least 72 hours prior to the date of travel if reimbursement is requested.  Listed below is the highest level official responsible for approving travel requests for employees:

    • PRESIDENT: Approves all out-of-state travel requests. Approves all travel requests for direct reports.

    • VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS:  Approves travel requests for all direct reports and all employees under these direct reports.

    • VICE PRESIDENT FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCEApproves travel requests for all employees who report directly to the Vice President for Business and Finance.

    • VICE PRESIDENT FOR ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT AND STUDENT SUCCESS:  Approves travel requests for all direct reports.

    • VICE PRESIDENT FOR UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT:  Approves travel requests for all direct reports.

    • DEANS:  Approve travel requests for all direct reports.

    • DEPARTMENT CHAIRS:  Approve travel requests for all employees in their respective departments prior to submitting the requests to the appropriate Dean for his/her approval.

    • DIRECTORS:  Approve travel requests for all direct reports.

  2. Upon approval, one copy of this form will be retained by the Vice President for Business and Finance, Room 101, Administration building. A copy will be scanned to the department's administrative assistant or specified person. When a University vehicle is requested, a copy should go to the Director of Physical Facilities. Contact the Business Office immediately upon return if reimbursement is requested.

  3. A claim should be filed at the Business Office within 30 days of the travel return date.  Please refer to the checklist for individual travel reimbursement for a list of required documents when submitting a reimbursement claim.
  4. The general reimbursement rates for lodging and per diem (meals) may be found on the domestic per diem website.

    • Meal receipts are not required

    • The full amount of "designated lodging" is reimbursable.

    • The state will pay the lower hotel rate if proof of designated lodging is provided. (The designated lodging is $100 and you stay at a lower cost hotel but more than the allowable rate.)

    • If you stay at "designated lodging," generally car rentals cannot be reimbursed. However, with appropriate justification, reimbursement may be made.

    • If you don't stay at the "designated lodging," transportation from the hotel to the conference is allowed in an amount not to exceed the difference between the cost of the designated lodging and the cost of the optional lodging.

  5. If travel time exceeds 30 hours, reimbursement will be a fraction for each 6 hour increment.

  6. Vicinity miles may be requested when using personal vehicle.

  7. An airfare comparison is required when:

    • Using your personal vehicle out-of-state

    • Leaving 2 days before the conference begins to show airfare savings to cover the extra days' cost of lodging

    • Purchasing own airfare

  8. Airline tickets should be purchased through Adventure Travel.  Airline baggage fees will not be reimbursed without receipts.

Contact Information

Business Office
2800 West Gore Boulevard
Lawton Oklahoma 73505-6377
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday
First floor of the Administration Bldg
(580) 581-2225

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