General Cameron University Travel Procedures

 I.  Lodging 

A.  Designated lodging by conference or event.

1.  Provide proof of designation to include rate. (NOTE—a listing of area hotels is not considered designated lodging).

2.  If you did not stay in the designated hotel, provide explanation via memo or email.

3. If traveler was unable to get the blocked rate because the block was full but traveler was able to stay in the designated hotel, traveler would get reimbursed for what was actually paid (even if it is more than the blocked rate).

4. If traveler was unable to get the blocked rate because the block was full and traveler decided to stay in another hotel for a cheaper rate, then, traveler would be reimbursed for what was actually paid.  Traveler cannot be reimbursed for more than what the designated rate was.

5. If the designated hotel blocked rate is full and the designated hotel is full, then, the traveler will be reimbursed for what they paid but no more than what the blocked rate was.

B. Non-Designated Lodging.

1.  If non-designated, traveler can only be reimbursed up to the State allowable per diem for lodging.

C. Lodging Reimbursement

1. Provide proof of payment.  This would be your hotel receipt for that location, received at check out.  Receipt must show travelers name and show proof of payment by a zero balance.

2.  If you shared a room, let the travel clerk know.  Number of guest should be accurate on the lodging receipt.

D.  Staying with friends or family in lieu of lodging.

1.  Traveler will receive $10 extra towards meal per diem, per night, of allowed travel.

II.  Per Diem (Meal Reimbursement)

A.  Traveler will be reimbursed up to the allowable per day per diem rate for each location when traveling for 24 hours or more.  You can find the allowed reimbursement rates at

1.  If any meals, other than a continental breakfast, were provided, let travel clerk know.

III.  Modes of Transportation

A.  Coach Airfare

1.  State authorized travel agent, Adventure Travel Airfare Quote

i.   When traveling out of state, regardless if driving, traveler must provide a round trip quote from Adventure Travel.  Forward email quote to travel clerk.

2.  Electronic Itinerary Ticket

i.  Forward proof of issuance of traveler’s electronic itinerary ticket to travel clerk.

3.  Traveler Paid Airfare

i.  Must provide quote for comparison from Adventure Travel.

ii.  Must provide proof of purchase of the ticket

ii.  Must provide electronic ticket via email to travel clerk.

B.  Automobile Rental

1.  Whenever a rental car is approved for use for out-of-state travel in lieu of airfare a comparison of costs must be documented for reimbursement of expenses.  Requested reimbursement amount of the total cost of the rental fee plus fuel cost shall not exceed the coach airfare.  If no flights are available to the destinations point, then, reimbursement of rental car is limited to the map mileage cost.

C.  Privately-Owned Vehicle

1.  In-State Travel reimbursement shall be limited to the actual cost based on the mileage rate published by OMES and the mileage distance between points of travel.  The traveler must track and document actual business miles based on a recognized GPS system such as MapQuest or Google Maps.  No personal miles are included.

2.   Out-of-State Travel reimbursement shall not exceed that of airfare.

i.  Mileage will be compared to a neutral mileage website and is based on the most direct route.

IV.  Types of Travel

A.  Conference/Workshop/General Meeting Travel

1. Must provide proof of conference/workshop/general meeting that documents dates.

2. Must provide an agenda/program of conference/workshop/general meeting.

B.  Tournament Travel

1.   If possible, provide documentation of tournament.

C.  Recruiting Travel

1.   If possible, provide documentation of recruiting location.  For example, if you are attending a tournament or tournaments for recruiting purposes.  Provide any available documentation to travel clerk.

V.   Registration Reimbursement

A.  Traveler must provide proof of registration and proof of payment.

B.  If meals are included in the registration payment, let travel clerk know.  Only the amount of the actual registration can be reimbursed.

VI.  Miscellaneous Expenses

A.  Approved general miscellaneous travel expenses may be reimbursed based on itemization on the travel voucher (T3).  These expenses should be listed separately under the “miscellaneous expense” category.  Item or items should be consistent with the purpose of travel, and not otherwise required to be grouped in another category of travel expense on the T3.

1.  General Expenses (Note: Expenses are subject to approval and may require further explanation.)

i.  Parking and toll fees

ii.  Taxi and shuttle fees

iii.  Business communications (i.e. telephone, postage, fax, etc.)

iv.  Airline baggage costs associated with flights

v.  Non-personal baggage handling for equipment & materials

vi.   Rent of meeting room

vii.  Necessary laundry and cleaning services (travel extending 7 days or longer or required in emergency situations)

viii.  Registration fee

ix.  Emergency and other expenses (excluding personal) incidental to the purpose of travel.

x.  Tips

General Information:

  • Invoices will be transmitted to the State for approval each Wednesday by 12:00 PM. Any signed claim forms received after 9:00 AM will be processed the following week.

  • Checks are typically received in the Business Office by Monday or Tuesday of the following week that invoices were processed.

  • Traveler will be notified that their check is ready for pick-up when traveler receives their pink claim form through campus mail.

  • Department will receive their gold claim form for proof of payment through campus mail.

  • Candidate and speaker travel reimbursement checks will be mailed directly to the individual unless notified otherwise by the department.

General Reimbursement Request Procedures:

  • Employees may send travel reimbursement documentation via email, hand deliver, or send in campus mail to Sarah Frederick.

  • Questions can be handled via email ( or phone (Ext. 2226).  If a meeting is preferred please call ext. 2226 to make an appointment.  You do not have to make an appointment to drop off documentation or to request reimbursement.


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