Master of Business Administration

Cameron’s MBA degree is designed for working professionals or recent graduates seeking a competitive advantage in the business world. This degree provides students with course content in a variety of business disciplines including finance, accounting, marketing and more. An MBA is a great fit for any student interested in increasing their understanding of business regardless of their undergraduate degree discipline.

Why an MBA from Cameron?

  • Value- Cameron has the lowest cost MBA program in Oklahoma!* Cameron's MBA program is ACBSP accredited.
  • Flexibility- Our program offers online, evening and Interactive Television (ITV) courses to meet your needs.
  • History- University established in 1908.
  • Experience- MBA Program established more than 20 years ago.
  • Local- Faculty and staff available in-person for you.

*Based on 2014-2015 published tuition rates.

Application & Program Admission

To be admitted to the Master of Business Administration program, students must obtain admission to graduate study at Cameron University and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0, OR
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework, OR
  • Have a minimum score on the GMAT of 500 or a comparable converted score on the GRE, OR
  • Have one of the following:
  1. minimum composite score of 3200 using the formula: Score=GMAT + (undergraduate GPA x 1000), OR
  2. minimum composite score of 3200 using the formula: Score=GMAT + (undergraduate GPA x 1000 on the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework attempted), OR
  3. minimum GPA of 3.0 on at least 12 credit hours of graduate hours completed at another institution or in a different graduate degree program at CU, or in a combination of the two.

Course Format Flexibility

Cameron’s MBA program is available both online and in traditional face-to-face formats. Our traditional courses are usually offered in the evenings one night a week to accommodate students who work full-time. Additionally, some of our courses are available through ITV and can be broadcast to other locations in Oklahoma. Students have the option to take either class type at any time during their program for greater flexibility.

Curriculum & Degree Requirements

To complete an MBA at Cameron, students must complete the following:

Core Courses & Core Areas

(24 hours)

All MBA students will take a standard set of six core courses:

  • Applied Business Statistics,
  • Accounting for Management,
  • Contemporary Marketing Problems,
  • Managerial Finance,
  • Management Information Systems, and
  • Applied Business Strategy.

Each student will have an option among several courses to complete their core areas in:

  • Economics and
  • Human/Organizational Administration.


(9 hours)

Students will complete nine hours of electives. Options for electives can range from Portfolio Management courses to Training & Development. An advisor will assist students with elective selections.

Tuition & Fees

Current information is available on the Tuition and Fees Page.

Faculty & Staff Support

Graduate students in Cameron’s Department of Business have an entire support team behind them every step of the way. Each student will have a team of full-time, on-campus professors and the graduate coordinator’s office keeping their best interests in mind. All of the graduate faculty in the Department of Business hold doctorate degrees and together have an average of almost 20 years of experience teaching in higher education.

Degree Information

  • Degree Requirements
  • Degree Plan
  • Catalog Course Descriptions