Faculty Hall of Fame Award 1996
Dr. E. Ann Nalley

"Cameron professor says learning is more than just classroom"
From the Fall 1996 Cameron Today

When Dr. E. Ann Nalley came to Cameron in 1969, she probably didn't picture herself building homecoming floats with students, often working through the night. She now places those times among her fondest memories, along with the field trips with students to American Chemical Society meetings.

"I've enjoyed the opportunity to teach at a university like Cameron which has grown through the years," Nalley says. I can truly say that I believe Cameron was the best choice for me and I cherish my career as a professor here."

Nalley received a bachelors degree in chemical education from Northeastern Oklahoma State University, a masters degree in analytical chemistry at OSU and a Ph.D. in radiation chemistry from Texas Woman's University.

A member of the Cameron faculty for 27 years, she is a professor of chemistry in the physical science department. Nalley has served as president of the Faculty Council and chairman of Cameron Council. She served on the committee to reorganize the governance structure at Cameron in the early 1980s and served as a member or chair of almost every committee in the structure. Nalley has been sponsor of student government and the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter at Cameron and Chi Lambda Upsilon chemistry club.

She is national president of Phi Kappa Phi honor society and has served as regent and national vice president. The CU Phi Kappa Phi chapter presented her with its Distinguished Faculty Award and twice with its Meritorious Service Award.

Dr. Nalley has held every office in the local section of the American Chemical Society and has served on seven national committees and/or task forces. She is councilor for the Wichita Falls-Duncan section of the American Chemical Society and has been honored by the five sections of the American Chemical Society as the Oklahoma Chemist of the Year, becoming the first and only woman to be so honored.

Nalley was recently honored by the division of professional relations of the American Chemical Society at its national meeting in New Orleans when she received the Henry Hill Award for outstanding contributions to professionalism. She serves on the National Board of the American Institute of Chemists.

Cameron student's have honored her as the CU Professor of the Year and as CU Advisor of the Year. In 1995, she was presented with the university's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award.

In her spare time, Nalley finds time to maintain a pet refuge for more than 40 displaced or deserted animals, helps to raise and race registered quarter horses, tends a large garden and takes care of her family.

Her philosophy of teaching encompasses more than what takes place in the classroom. She believes it also involves nurturing students and serving as mentor and role model, exposing them to career information and helping them develop leadership skills.

"My goal in teaching has always been to provide my students with an atmosphere which will nurture their originality and initiative while at the same time imparting knowledge to them," the professor says. "My field of teaching is especially oriented to these ends since it is both dynamic and exciting. I have involved myself in the learning process both formally and informally.

"Studying chemistry is still exciting and challenging. I continually search for means of conveying to my students the excitement and enthusiasm I feel for my subject. I believe that chemistry is the central science. It helps not only to understand the universe around us, but to see our place in the universe and to respond to the needs of human society."