Dr. Gary Buckley

Dr. Gary Buckley, Professor of Physical Science

Dr. Gary Buckley is currently in his 29th year of service to Cameron University. In that time, he has served as a faculty member, department chair, dean, and vice president, yet his passion for teaching and research keeps him in the classroom and the laboratory.

He has also played a significant role in three Higher Learning Commission accreditation visits and served on President Ross’s first Planning Task Force, which subsequently developed “Plan 2008.”

Of his approach to teaching, he says, “Each semester is a new one to me. I get rid of any notes I have had from the previous semester and pretend to be starting over completely with the new group, using lessons I have learned from the past about effective approaches.”

His desire to stay abreast of new technology extends to his research, which currently pertains to approaches to improving technology use throughout the chemistry and physics curricula using handheld data acquisition devices.