Agricultural Business Management

Food is a basic necessity and the way it is produced, dispersed, prepared, and consumed is a significant part of every culture in the world.  Therefore, the food and agribusiness sector is a particularly important part of the U.S. economy as well as the world economy.  The term agribusiness refers to those firms that are involved in all aspects of farm input supply, production agriculture, and food processing and distribution.  Managing these types of businesses, or any business, requires basic knowledge of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management and human resources.  But, agribusiness managers must also take into account the unique cultural, biological, and regulatory aspects of the food and agribusiness industry.

Cameron University's agricultural business management option combines general education and basic production agriculture courses with business courses from Cameron University's Department of Business as well as agricultural business courses within the Department of Agriculture, Biology and Health Sciences.  The agribusiness courses within the Department of Agriculture, Biology and Health Sciences include Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Principles of Agricultural Marketing, Farm and Ranch Management, Agribusiness Management, Agriculture Production Economics, and Agricultural Policy Issues.

Agricultural business management option graduates can pursue careers in a wide variety of different industries, including:  farm equipment, agricultural chemicals, farm supplies, food and fiber processing, sales, wholesale and retail distribution, government services, financial services, grain and feed industries, transportation, foreign trade, agricultural communications, and Agricultural Extension


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