Graduate assistantships are intended to provide graduate students with experiences that add breadth and depth to their graduate education. These appointments typically involve duties in teaching, research, or service, and help fulfill the relevant mission of the department or office.

For a full-time appointment, paid $8.00/hour, 20 clock hours per week are expected in performing assistantship duties. Staff or faculty who require the assistance of a graduate student must make such a request by completing the Graduate Research Assistantship Request form and submitting it to both the relevant departmental chair/office director and the Director for Academic Research for approval. Funding of graduate assistant is dependent on the budget and the deadline to make such a request for a given semester is at least one week prior to the first day of class.

Note: Updated as needed.


  1. Payment: $8.00/hour
  2. Hours: Maximum of 20 hours/week
  3. Request Deadline: One week prior to the first day of class
  4. Request Submission: For a given academic year, each semester or summer month require approval (i.e. submission of a new graduate assistantship request).


  1. Assuming the availability of funding, complete the Graduate Assistantship Request form and email/mail the typed and signed form to or Cameron Exchange 100. Make sure to download / open form as an Adobe PDF in order to properly complete and submit it.
  2. If approved, complete the official staff hiring process, as set forth by the Cameron University Human Resources.
  3. Interview/select student to fill position and submit a completed Payroll Action Form (P7) to Cameron Exchange 100


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