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Computer Replacement Procedure for Student Labs, Faculty and Staff

Cameron University has developed a computer replacement procedure for replacement of student labs, faculty and staff computers.

The primary goals of the computer replacement policy are:

  • to implement a regular replacement cycle for student labs, faculty and staff computers
  • to provide users access to reasonably up-to-date equipment
  • to ease the support burden associated with troubleshooting and maintaining outdated or out-of-warranty equipment
  • to support accurate budgeting for computer purchases

A four year computer replacement cycle will provide a reasonably sound computing environment. Cameron University utilizes a standard computer configuration for all desktop units. Departmental purchase requests that include deviations from the standard computer model will be reviewed on a case by case basis and must be approved through the appropriate chain of command through the vice presidential level.

Dell and Apple are the preferred hardware vendors. Price quotes for new computers may be obtained by emailing or calling the help desk at extension 2454 and requesting a quote. Optimal pricing is available when purchases are made in bulk at the vendor’s end-of-quarter period. New PCs are shipped to Information Technology Services (ITS), where a work order will be created for the computer to be configured, delivered and set up. ITS will submit appropriate inventory addition request to the business office on behalf of the individual receiving the computer.

After being scanned for security issues, all data on the old PC’s hard drive will be backed up and restored to the new computer. ITS will label the hard drive from the old PC with the user’s name, date of transfer to the new PC and store the old hard drive for one year following the date of replacement, at which time it will be formatted to standards as prescribed by Oklahoma State Law and destroyed.

Cameron University will provide Microsoft Office Professional, anti-virus and university-specific software. Additional software needs must be funded by the academic or administrative units. Any additional licensing will be installed on the computer so long as the requesting department has the appropriate media and a valid license.

A replaced computer may not be retained for use or re-connected to the University network. Departments are responsible for completing the inventory deletion form, University Form I5 (located at, and for submitting a work order to Physical Facilities requesting removal of the replaced computer.