Research in Applied Mathematics


More recently I am developing an interest in the applications of mathematics.  In particular, I have become interested in the areas of biology and medicine. 

Furthermore I also have an interest in the areas of ecology and the environment.

I am still learning in these areas and just beginning in research.


However, I have begun work with Dr. Tabatabai at Cameron University in the areas of mathematical modeling using Hyperbolastic growth models.

We are currently working on a paper:

M Tabatabai, K.P. Singh, and W. Eby, Modeling the wound healing process using hyperbolastic growth models, in preparation.


More generally we are looking at some uses of Hyperbolastic growth models in Mathematical Biology, in particular with applications to medicine and biology.  The main areas we are currently investigating are modeling of wound healing and modeling of the immune response.


Please also see the following papers for more information on hyperbolastic growth models.