This Cameron University Student
(John Mark Rhea)
Admired the statue of Buddha Amidhava
At the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City

The Honors Program at Cameron University provides a system of rewards and supports for students with records of outstanding accomplishment and high levels of motivation in their pursuit of academic excellence. The Honors Program also provides a central focus for the pursuit of academic excellence on the Cameron Campus.

Nelson Atkins Museum
The Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City

The Honors trip titled "Bridging the Millennia - by Bus!" was a part of Cameron's Festival IV, "Bridging the Millennia." In the effort to provide experiences that would inspire Cameron students to link classical and oriental antiquity with other periods and with the present, the Honors Program took a group of students to Kansas City to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Truman Library, several architectural and cultural sites, and to attend a performance of the American Ballet Theater in a performance series sponsored by William Jewell College. In preparation for the trip, students read theories of government from Lao Tzu and Confucius, from Machiavelli, Rousseau, Jefferson and Hannah Arendt, and read selections from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the teachings of Buddha and the Koran. There were seminar style discussions after the major events, and projects to follow up the experiences in classes after the journey.

Honors Students at the Truman Library in Independence


The Honors Program offers honors sections of numerous courses that meet general education requirements, honors options in a number of other courses, and honors seminars in special topics. These courses and honors options are open to students with high levels of talent, preparation, and/or motivation. Typically, they are small, discussion oriented classes, and they are often augmented by field trips, museum visits, guest lectures, technological enhancements, and by team teaching.

All Honors Courses are acknowledged as such on the student's official transcript.

Honors Program recently took a group of students to Dallas for the exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, for a tour of the Sixth Floor Museum, for a Dallas Symphony concert at the Myerson Center, and overnight stay in Dallas, and for exhibitions at the Amon Carter Museum, the Kimbell Museum, and the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth.. Several journeys are taking shape for this spring, including a trip to hear Colin Powell speak..

For more information contact the Honors Program through Dr. Underwood at 580-581-2491, via email at, by FAX at 580-581-2325 or by mail at Cameron University, 2800 Gore Boulevard, Lawton Oklahoma, 73505.

The aim of the Honors Program is to produce graduates who have gone farther, learned more, and become more capable of leadership both in the community and in a chosen field of study.