Chartered May 18, 1988
Installed November 3, 1988

Cameron University

Membership Qualifications

    ulation of advanced work and individual research in this field, and the promotion of a sentiment of amity between our nation and the nations using these languages. By offering membership to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, PHI SIGMA IOTA tries to promote good feelings, high ideals, and stimulating relationships. It recognizes attainment and encourages individual efforts by granting annual scholarships, and other awards.

PHI SIGMA IOTA honors undergraduate students with at least a B average in the entire college work as well as in all courses in languages, and graduate students with at least a B+ average.

Members are urged to promote the aims of our Society and to attend, while studying at this Chapter’s Institution, the meetings organized by the Chapter. The Chapter makes all possible efforts to offer programs of high cultural interest to its members.

PHI SIGMA IOTA is an international honor society, the first in the field of foreign languages to be elected member, in 1949, of the U.S.A. Association of College Honor Societies. It is not to be confused with the Greek-letter social fraternities or sororities, nor with the professional, or department fraternities and honor societies in the different colleges. In no way does it interfere or compete with these. Its membership is open to both men and women. Election to PHI SIGMA IOTA is considered the highest academic honor in the field of foreign languages and literatures.

The PHI SIGMA IOTA Honor Society was founded in 1922 at Allegheny College by Dr. Henry W. Church. Chapters are distributed throughout the United States and the World