Teresa M. Lubrano, Ph.D.
Department of  English and Foreign Languages


ITAL 1113
   Beginning Italian I  
ITAL 1223
   Beginning Italian I
 ITAL 2113
   Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 2223
   Intermediate Italian II
LING 4183
   S/T Spanish for Law Enforcement
LING 4183
   S/T Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPAN 3113
   Spanish Grammar & Linguistics
SPAN 3213
   Advanced Spanish Grammar & Linguistics
SPAN 3143
   Spanish Composition
SPAN 4113
   La Historia del Mundo Hispanica
SPAN 4123
   Espana en su literatura I
SPAN 4133
   Espana en su literatura II
SPAN 4143
   Hispanoamerica en su literatura I
SPAN 4153
   Hispanoamerica en su literatura II
SPAN 4163
   Spanish for Business & Industry
SPAN 4961-3
   Directed Readings in Spanish











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In Foreign Languages, we
share our students’ dreams.

(Dr. Lubrano and Leah Hicks,
sophomore art major.)

Cameron University
School of Liberal Arts

Delta Rho Chapter

Phi Sigma Iota International

CU Preview Day -
October, 2004

Personal Information

Avocational Interest

Photo Album and Links

Limoni di Procida

Lemons, the island's principal crop.

Personal Information:

      High School Diploma: Cristobal High School, Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone
         Assoc. Degree in English:  Canal Zone College (La Boca, Panama Canal Zone)
         B. A. English (Ed.) & History:  Central State University, (University of Central Oklahoma)
         M. A. English:  Central State University (University of Central Oklahoma)
         M. A. Romance Languages (Spanish Concentration): University of Oklahoma
         Ph. D. Romance Languages (Spanish Concentration): University of Oklahoma

         Studies:    Peninsular Spanish Language and Literature, Latin American Language
                           and Literature with an emphasis on the Latin American short story.

Avocational Interest:

        Archeology - especially related to the Aztec, Maya, and Inca civilizations as
                well as of the Civilizations existing in ancient Spain and Italy.

          My annual pilgrimage takes me to my ancestral island of Procida, an island in the
                Gulf of Naples in the Region of Campania, Italy.  Here I can visit with family
                members and enjoy studying the illuminated manuscripts of the Church of
                St. Michael the Archangel as well as savoring the wonderful traditional cuisine

                    of the island.

Photo Album & Links:

Chiesa di Santo Cattolico
The church of Santo Cattolico.

Golfo di Procida
View from my parent's condominium
roof with Capo Miseno and
Monte Vesuvio in the distance.


Il Golfo (The Gulf)
(The Daily Newspaper of Ischia and Procida)

Finalmente! (Finally!)
(Photo journal of Procida)

La Stampa
Daily National Italian Newspaper from Torino)

Delta Rho members served as ushers  for a lecture by Dr. Oscar Arias, the Nobel Laureate and Former President of Costa Rica on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cameron University Theatre.  The lecture was the first event of Academic Festival V 2002-2003 Beyond Borders:  Globalization & The Human Experience.  Delta Rho members also hosted a reception for Dr. Arias after the lecture. The culmination of Academic Festival V was the Academic Conference which took place on March 27-29, 2003. 

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