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OfficeSC 225L, (580) 581-2890, , Text: Biochemistry , 2nd ed., Garrett & Grisham

GRADING SCALE: A (91-100 %), B (82-90.9%), C (70-81.9%), D (60-69.9%), F (0-59.9%) of points possible times the scaling factor.

GRADED PAPERS: There will be a series of homework, quizzes / tests, a repertoire exam of 4 parts X 25 pts @, and an ACS standardized final of 200 pts. There will also be 132 Classroom Participation (CP) points to be earned by being present on time and by answering questions correctly in class. You will receive one CP point per lecture period (less those we do not meet and or are dedicated to testing) for each lecture you attend on time (defined as you were present and logged yourself in with your keypad before the lecture started) and one point for each correctly answered question during the lecture.  There will be 100 CP points.  All scores will be returned in a fraction form of "points to be earned divided by points possible to be earned (example: 43/52, or 43 points possibly earned out of 52 points possible). To know your grade at any moment, you must keep a running total of points possibly earned and points possible. Simply do the division followed by the appropriate multiplication by the Scaling Factor to determine the points earned and refer to the "Grading Scale".

Classroom activities : Most of the course will be presented in PowerPoint or Presentations format. You will be provided copies of slides as the course progresses. In this course true understanding cannot be achieved without full and complete recognition of the interrelationship of metabolic pathways and the energetics involved. Hence the requirement that you know and can write most pathways all at the same time (repertoire exam) and maintain that ability over a period of time. That is also the reason for integrating the thermodynamic calculations and kinetics through out the semester. Group study is encouraged and expected but group effort on quizzes and exams is not allowed. If caught in said group effort, that is grounds for failure and / or expulsion and action will be taken. Attendance is not mandatory nor will you be penalized for absences other than the loss of CP points. However the following are the ground rules....

1. All homework must be turned in and graded for a score.

2. One quiz or one test may be made up if and only if prior arrangements are made to do so. The second quiz and/or test missed cannot be made up. Ttests or quizzes missed will be zero points earned. Any make up must be completed prior to the next class meeting. Two to three points of all quizzes and tests will be promptness points given only if the exercise is completed in class on the day and at the time scheduled. We will have approximately 5 tests / quizzes of ~70-100 points each plus the final (ACS standardized which covers both semesters) plus the repertoire

3. If and only if all homework, quizzes and tests are completed and turned in for grading , a bonus of 25 points will be added to the points earned column

4. The repertoire exam if missed must then be individually drawn and "Pepsi Time!' is not possible. The repertoire is a four week exam in which you are asked to write complete metabolic cycles including structures, compound names, cofactors (of redox, ATP/ADP, and carbon sources), and the enzyme names of the Glycolytic pathway, Pentose pathway, Glyoxalate pathway, Krebs Cycle (times 2), Knoop fatty acid oxidation (of even or odd chains and of mono and polyunsaturation), Urea cycle, the alkyl side chain amino acids (Ala, Leu, Ile, Val) and "Pepsi Time". One person for the class will draw at random from among these choices and everyone will write the same cycle. Once a cycle is drawn it goes back in the hat and can be drawn twice. If drawn twice it will be removed. "Pepsi Time" will be removed when first drawn. Each week is 25 points.

5. Scaling Factor: The scaling factor will multiply your points possibly earned to scale them into your earned points. Four times during class a scaling quiz will be given. It is expected for the student to receive a 100 % score. The scaling quiz is worth 1.00 point and fractions thereof. It will count in the total points earned column and will be rounded off in the final total. Once a 1.00 is achieve you may take the quiz again for something less than 1.00 points or seven bonus points if you achieve a totally correct grade again. The scaling quiz will consist of writing the missing name or structure (including any salt forms or phosphorylated forms) of seven of the following compounds (four structures to draw from names and three structures to name from drawings)...(e.g. malic acid, sodium hydrogen malate, sodium malate)

Each scaling quiz will be different.

6. SUBMISSION OF ASSIGNMENTS: All papers to be turned in must have your name on them. All papers may only be turned in to me personally. They may not be turned in to another faculty member, the secretary, my mailbox, slipped under my door, etc. I am here generally 8 to 5 daily and it will not be a hardship on you to find me to turn in your assignments if you have failed to turn them in during class when requested. Any assignments submitted otherwise will be immediately placed in the trash can.