Chem 3314
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INSTRUCTOR - Dr. T. E. SNIDER, SC 225 L, 581-2890,

Text: "Organic Chemistry" by Wade, 5th edition, Prentice-Hall 

GRADING SCALE: A (91-100%), B `82-90.9%), C (70-81.9%), D (60-69.9%) of points possible. 

GRADED PAPERS: There will be a classroom participation(CP), homework, quizzes, and tests. All scores except CP will be returned in a fraction form of "points earned" divided by points possible (example: 43/52, or 43 points earned out of 52 points possible). There will be 132 CP points to be earned by being present on time and by answering questions correctly in class. You will receive one CP point per lecture period (less those we do not meet and or are dedicated to testing) for each lecture you attend on time (defined as you were present and logged yourself in with your keypad before the lecture started). To know your grade at any moment, keep a running total of points earned and points possible and do the division. 

1) Homework assignments are due at the end of the class period of the day specified. Often one (1) point of the points earned is granted only for papers turned in on time. Papers not turned in on time will be accepted and graded up to the time that the entire class is graded (that is not turned back) at this point, a "L" for "late-but not graded" will be entered in the grade record. If the homework is not turned in prior to the return of the homework to the class, a none is recorded and counts as a zero. 

2) Quizzes - The course will have a series of quizzes (8-12 in number) that will average 40-60 points value each. Each QUIZ will have 2 or 3 points as part of the total possible, that will be awarded only when the Quiz is taken during the specified time. If you plan on being absent, prior arrangements must be made to allow you to take the quiz. Otherwise, make-up quizzes are not given. You must take the quiz before the next scheduled class period. This is only allowed once. Generally if you are not able to take the quiz before the next class period then you will not be able to take it. Quizzes will be un-announced. You will usually have a quiz every Friday or Monday with possibly the exception of shortened weeks, midterm week, and other announced dates. If events require that you miss one quiz, the next quiz taken will count double (as a translated percentage) less the points for promptness. . If you miss the last quiz, your lowest quiz will be counted double. If any other quizzes are missed, the second and third are recorded as a minus 10 pts and no points are possible in the points possible. Any other Quizzes missed will be recorded as "none" and count as zero points earned divided by points possible. If and only if all quizzes are taken, all HW is turned and graded ("L" counts but "none" does not) and all other assignments are appropriately submitted a bonus of 25 points will be added to the points earned column. 

3) Structure drawing - You will be given a list of twelve organic structures which you are to draw using WinChem* (in the computer lab) or some other organic structure drawing program. You are to caption the drawing in NewTimes Roman Font Size 14. If stereochemistry is specified your drawing must so specify. Structures 1-6 on the first page and 7-12 on the second page. Odd number structures are to be on the left side of the page, 2" x 2" in size, framed by a double lined frame and captioned with the number and name of the structure centered at the bottom. Even numbered structures are to be on the right side of the page, 2" x 2" in size, single lined framed and captioned with the number and name of the compound at the top, right justified. You may not down load structures from the web and you must submit an electronic copy along with the hard copy. Properly spelled and punctuated name 1 point @, structure 2 points @, format 1 point @, total 50 points. Due November 12, 2003 

4) Two multiple choice examinations and final will be given. You will need to supply a ScanTron* for these exams. Test #1 =100 pts, Sept 24, 2003, Test #2 = 100 pts, November 5, 2003. Final = 200 points, 10:00 am, December 12, 2003 

5) Your lab grade will count as 20 % of the total points possible . Check the lab handout for grading policies for Dr. Nalley and myself.