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Theatre Complex Tour


university map.jpg
Campus Map - The Theatre Arts Complex is in Red.

theatre outside.jpg
The Outside of the University Theatre Complex




theatre lobby 1.jpg

theatre lobby 2.jpg

Two Views of the Theatre Lobby



The Theatre Box Office.




The University Theatre seats  432 people, has a 50' wide by 22' high proscenium and a hydraulic apron/orchestra pit.


beauty and the beast.jpg

A recent production of Disney’s 
Beauty and the Beast
on the University Theatre Stage.


The 30-lineset double-purchase counterweight system in the University Theatre is used for flying scenery and curtains.

double purchase.jpg

Working on one of the
purchase lines on the fly floor.

One of the University Theatre's onstage electrics.

focusing a lamps.jpg

Focusing a lighting instrument atop  our hydraulic cherry picker.


light board.jpg

At work on the University Theatre's ETC Express 48/96 memory lighting console controlling 144 dimmers.


sound board.jpg

Working with the digital audio workstation part of the University/Studio Theatre Sound System.  Included in this computerized system are a CD player, mini disc recorder/player, dual cassettes, and mixing board.




The audio rack.

 Our other Performance Space
is the Studio Theatre.
This is a versatile space used for
Performance and Class.
Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap
in the Studio Theatre.

studio theatre class.jpg

The Studio Theatre 
set up for Classroom use.



Students in Directing Class view a Powerpoint Presentation 
in the Studio Theatre.



The memory lighting system for the Studio Theatre, 
a 30-channel dimmer-per-circuit system.


scene shop 1.jpg


Two Views of the University Scene Shop


styrofoam cutting.jpg

The hot-wire styrofoam cutter is a handy addition to the scene shop's table and band saws.



Making sparks fly grinding metal in the Scene Shop.






Working on a drop on the paint frame.


Drilling on the set.



Working on the set.


Costume Shop 1.jpg

The University Costume Shop

costume shop 2.jpg


Neila sewing machinge.jpg
Working in the Costume Shop.


chelsea serger.jpg

One of the department's two sergers.


dressing room 1.jpg

The dressing room.
  dressing room 2.jpg

Chances are the first person you will speak to when you call

the department at 580-581-2346 is our secretary,

Brandy Belew, who keeps everyone on schedule.

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