The Addams Family

Book by

Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice

Music and Lyrics by

Andrew Lippa

Based on Characters Created by Charles Addams

Fester Face


Addams Family Portrait 1

The Addams Family


Fester with Wednesday and Pugsley

Fester with Wednesday and Pugsley

Fester with Lucas, Wednesday, and the Anscestors

Fester with Lucas, Wednesday, and the Ancestors

Fester with the Moon

Fester with the Moon

The Addams Family Portrait 2

Another Family Portrait

Fester with a lit Light Bulb in his mouth

Fester lit.



Gomez Addams -- Johnny Horn
Morticia Addams -- Teresa Abram
Uncle Fester -- Scott Richard Klein
Grandma -- Diane Denham
Wednesday Addams -- Stephanie Smith
Pugsley Addams -- Matthew Ortner
Lurch -- David Schucker
Mal Beineke -- Troy Hamilton
Alice Beineke -- Linda Butemeyer
Lucas Beinike -- Dan Tibbs
Cousin ITT --Mary Towe

Conquistador -- Dylan Bittner
Cave Person -- Ashlyn Claxton
Indian Princess -- Miranda Fritts
Greek Goddess -- Hannah Mentel
Nurse -- Jackie Odell
Courtesan -- Stephanie Sabol
Bride -- Emma Shady
Flapper -- Abbey Rinestine
Sailor -- Dona Spangler
Footman/Monster -- DaVanta Whetson


Director -- Cynthia Kent
Musical Director -- Linda Chapman
Choreographer -- Dr. James Brock
Technical Director -- Michael Strickland
Costume Designer -- Barbara Hunter
Master Carpenter -- Kelly Pendergraft
Master Electrician -- Scott Hofmann
Stage Manager -- George Kent
Assistant Stage Manager -- Ashton Patton
ASM/Props -- Brenda Lathe
Sound Board Operator -- Armour Brown
Light Board Operator -- Kelly Pendergraft
Spot Light Operators -- Barbara Curry, Alexandra Pebeahsy
Stage Crew -- Jacob Parkhurst, Bobbie Lathe, George Flores
Props -- Barbara Hunter, Michael Strickland
Stitchers -- Jenny Breeden, Karen Schaffer
Make-Up -- Barbara Hunter, Cecile Simmons, Hannah Mentel


Accompanist -- Holli Hill
Clarinet -- Kayleigh Adams-Rossi
Flute -- Diane Phihulic
Drums -- Monty Booker
Bass -- Kay Alsobrook

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