by A.R. Gurney

Ian Solstad as Greg & Sheila Jones as Sylvia

Laura Ewing as Kate & Jerald Edwards as Phyllis

Sheila Jones as Sylvia, Ian Solstad as Greg,
& Laura Ewing as Kate

Cast & Crew, Back Row - Michael Ewing, 3rd Row - Jackson Tinker, Misti Gormley, Shalla Droke,
Misty Ayres, Brooklyn D. Matthews, Shannon Zura, Johnny Mangum, 2nd Row - Jerald Edwards,
John Royal, Ian Solstad, Laura Ewing, Front Row - Sheila Jones

We performed this production in an arena setting in our studio space.  We used the coffee table as the park bench.  The desk in the apartment became Leslie's desk for the psychiatrist scene.

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