Monty Python's Spamalot

Book & Lyrics by Eric Idle

Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle

"Knights of the Round Table," "Brave Sir Robin," and "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

composed by Neil Innes

Based on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"


Robin at Window

Meeting Lance.


Knights of the Round Table

Knights Unite.

"I have to push the pram a lot"


The Rabbit.


End of Act I

"Brave Sir Robin"


"You won't succeed on Broadway. . ."

"Naughty Girls in Nasty Tights"

"All by Himself"

Meeting Tim the Enchanter.

Curtain Call.



Historian — Jenn Castricone
Mayor of Moose Village — Troy Hamilton
King Arthur — Albert Rivas
Patsy — Troy Hamilton
Sir Robin –Scott Richard Klein
Sir Lancelot — Keith Pannell
Not Dead Fred — Shaun Calix
Sir Galahad (Dennis) — Addam Tate
Galahad’s Mother — Louise Vermillion
The Lady of the Lake — Amanda Kay Richey
Laker Girls — Mandi Bongiorno, Deborah Huntley,
 Melissa Johnson, Karen Lewis, Ashley Payne,
Autumn Pina, Liz Propst,
Mandee Thomas
Sir Bedivere — Shaun Calix
Sir Not Appearing — Edison Ruland
Dancing Nun — Ashley Payne
Dancing Monk — Edison Ruland
Voice of God — Dr. Keith Miles
French Taunter — Bill Keeran
French Guard — Rob Harper
Mime — Mandee Thomas
Cow — Sir Moosalot
Head Ni Knight — Rob Harper
Ni Knights — Karen Lewis, Ashley Payne, Liz Propst
Head Minstrel — Mandee Thomas
Sir Robin’s Minstrels — Deborah Huntley, Melissa Johnson, Autumn Pina
Black Knight — Rob Harper
Lovely Lady — Karen Lewis
Monk — Bill Keeran
Concorde — Logan Pina
Prince Herbert — Shaun Calix
Herbert’s Father — Edison Ruland
Guards — Bill Keeran, Louise Vermillion
Prince Herbert’s Dancers — Karen Lewis, Bill Keeran, Ashley Payne, Autumn Pina
Tim the Enchanter — Rob Harper
Sir Bors — Edison Ruland
Puppeteer — Liz Propst
Sister Maynard — Jenn Castricone


Director — Janice Bear
Musical Director –Dr. Gregory Hoepfner
Choreographer — Katie Veenhuizen
Set Designer — Scott Hofmann
Lighting Designer — Alan Jolly
Set Construction — Kelly Pendergraft
Sound Designer — Peg Hofmann
Costume Designer — Barbara Hunter
Properties — Barbara Hunter, Marsha Thomas
Stage Managers — Victor Leary, Marsha Thomas
Light Board Operator — Hunter Pinkerton
Sound Board Operators — Zachery Aschim, Martha Leary
Sound Assistant — John Beckman
Spotlight Operators — David Miler, Bailey Fortenbaugh
Backstage Crew — Kelly Filer, Alexandra Pebeahsy
Paint Crew — Nancy Arnold-Reynolds, Zachery Aschim,
Cassie Jones, Marsha Thomas


Keyboard — Greg Hoepfner
Woodwinds — Andrew Stonerock
Trumpet — Braden Hatch
Drums — Monty Booker
Bass / Percussion — Britnie Mendenhall

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