"Smoke on the Mountain"
Written by Connie Ray
Conceived by Alan Bailey
Musical Arrangements by
Mike Craver and Mark Hardwick

Opening Number - Back Row - Burl (George Kent), Vera (Jannet Morrison) Stanley (Troy Hamilton)
Front Row - Denise (Emily Chambers), June (Wendy Berry) and Dennis (Josh Lathe).

"Meet Mother in the Skies"

"Christian Cowboy"

Burl with Vera & Stanley

Denise checking out Reverend Oglethorpe (Mike Nelson).
I added a romance between the pastor and June which
isn't really called for in the script.

Denise takes center stage with some help from June.
Our pianist was Judy Roberts and our bass player was Don Fischer.

I also added The Amen Corner - Back Row - Miss Margaret (Myra Grace Hendrick),
Miss Mamie (Juliet Reece), Miss Melanie (Virginia Nunley),
Front Row - Miss Maude (Penny McPhail) & Miss Myrtle (Connie Mincey)

"The Filling Station"

Reverend Oglethorpe finally has a chance.

Two Views of June during the "Blood" Medley.

Vera during the "Blood" medley.

"Angel Band"

Vera gives the Children's Sermon.

Family Portrait.

Entire Cast and Crew:  Back Row - Glen Hyde, Don Fisher, George Kent, Linda Chapman, Mike Nelson
3rd Row - Judy Roberts, Josh Lathe, Jannet Morrison, Troy Hamilton, Virginia Nunley
2nd Row - Judy Roberts, Connie Mincey, Wendy Berry, Juliette Reece, Myra Grace Hendrick
Front Row - Penny McPhail & Emily Chambers

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