Gianni Schicchi
Giacomo Puccini

The family searching for the will.

Pinellina (Debbie Brown) and Amantia Di Nicolao, Donatiís lawyer (Carlene Edwards)

Gianni convinces the family of his plan.

Betto (Luis Calderon), Zita (Lori Taylor) and Simone (Derrick Hurst)
examine the will.

John Cornish and Cortney Weber.

Justin Dipprey as Gianni Schicchi.

This was the second time I had worked on the production.
It was unique in that the conductor and I had both played the title role.

The Cast
Gianni Schicchi-Justin Dipprey
Lauretta-Susanna Black (Thursday & Saturday) Cortney Weber (Friday and Sunday)
Zita-Cynthia Casarez (Thursday & Saturday) Lori Taylor (Friday and Sunday)
Rinuccio-John Cornish

Betto di Signa-Luis Calderon

Simone-Derrick Hurst

La Ciesca-Danielle Baily

Nella-Cortney Weber  (Thursday & Saturday) Susanna Black (Friday & Sunday)

Master Spinelloccio-John Veal III

Amantia Di Nicolao-Carlene Edwards

Pinellina-Debbie Brown

Gherardino-Deondrea Brown

The Production Team

Music Director & Conductor-Earl Logan
Stage Director-Scott Richard Klein
Costume Designer-Marilyn Ragan
Scenic Consultant- Scott Hofmann

Yiu Ka Chan
Ji Hye Choi

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